First off… Wow!  You guys are all amazing.  I have not tallied it all up completely yet, but from the looks of things we are close to having another Forever Family house paid for just in new sponsorships from the last 48 hours alone!   Does it get any better than that?

Jessie and I have spent the past few days speaking with our board members back in the States, asking them to pray about what the plan should be for how we are going to rise to this challenge of taking in more kids like the government is asking of us, and we all came to the conclusion that yes indeed!  We are going to do whatever we can to make this happen.   But… We also realized that it is now time for our family to start planning a trip to America so we can connect with the people who have been supporting this work, and hopefully do something to further spread the word about the need over here.   We feel that the best way for us to put together the resources we are going to need for these new Forever Family Homes is for us to come back and be there in person.

So…. Today I get to ask you something very special; I get to ask if we can borrow your living room.

I know, kind of strange… But hear me out.  What we are planning is a trip in August and September (Like in 4 months) where we drive around America and have a bunch of Bring Love In get togethers with everyone who has been reading the blog.  It would be a way for you who are here reading to tell others you know about the project and the need for good Christian orphan care in Ethiopia, and then give them an opportunity to help out with that need.

Yeah, it makes me nervous too.. I can already see you squirming in your chair there, thinking; What will my friends think if I call them and invite them to something like this.  You know what though?  What the heck are we doing here on this earth if we are not standing tall for the widows and orphans in this country?  I say its time we do this for real!  Forget about being shy!

Just today we found out that one of the three government orphanages that we will be accepting children in from has over 370 children in it right now… But get this, their capacity.  150.  Meaning that every-single bed in that place has at least two children in it, and 35 beds have three kids on one small mattress.     No way can we stand for that!

It is time for some real, lasting, turn-this-place around change, and I believe together we just might be the catalyst that makes it happen.  No it is not going to be fast flip-a-switch change, but its going to be the right kind of change that makes a difference for generations to come.

So what do you think?  Want to host a Bring Love In party?  Or have us come speak at your church?  Jessie and I would love to come, spend some time with you, get to know you better, and maybe make some new friends along the way who will join in with us and help create new families from widows and orphans over here in Ethiopia.

If you think you might be up for it, please let me know, send me an email, message me someway or another and tell us “Take my living room for a night!” or Levi Benkert on Facebook.

But please, don’t think that there is even a remote reason for anything fancy, we just want to hang out, and get a chance to tell the story of the need (and plan for meeting that need) that we are seeing over here in Ethiopia, with others.

We have not yet figured out the route or which states we are going to be traveling to, but we will try to go as many places as we can, and hopefully meet as many of you as possible this coming August and September.  If you want us to stop at your place (or even your church) be sure to write soon, we are going to try and get the route planned so we can start to get this thing figured out.

Also, side note here; If anyone has an extra minivan or car that we could pile our family into and put about a million miles on, we would be so blessed to be able to borrow it.

Thanks for everything!