We are so blessed to look backwards today and see countless triumphs in the past year.  God has been at work, and I can hardly find words to describe what it feels like to be here watching it all unfold. As in the past, we feel a familiar feeling today, one not of self pride but rather of humility, God is so good, and so many incredible things are unfolding through the work here.

We feel like the greatest gift in the world has been given to us, the gift of watching God change lives.

Today we thought it would be fun to take some time to look at what all is going on through the ministry here, and so without any further introduction, I give you… Bring Love In by the Numbers!  Yay!  (Sorry, more than just a little excited over here)


Number of children taken from orphanages and placed in forever families: 54


Average age of children in our families:  11


Number of girls in our forever families: 30


Number of boys in our forever families: 24


Average number of years each child spent in an orphanage before coming to live with their forever family:  3.5


Number of forever families sponsored through Bring Love In:  9


Number of families sponsored in our Keep One Home Sponsorship program:  50

(Starting this month that number has increased to 150 as we added 100 new families!)


Number of the 50 families who started in our Keep One Home program who successfully stayed together as a family: 50


Number of children our keep one home sponsorship families who get to stay in with their parents instead of being at risk of living in an orphanage: 382


Number of full time employees at Bring Love In:  39 


Number of small business grants and business training courses given: 10  (Increasing to 30 in 2014)


Number of individual donors who gave to help Bring Love In in 2013: 411 


Number of individual donations processed in 2013: 2716


Number of active monthly donors: 214


Percentage of total budget that goes towards administration costs: 2.5% 


Number of ministry paid non-local staff members: 0


Number of street boys who were helped to get off the street and successfully graduated from bible training and job training and went on to live on their own and hold down a job: 9

(We started with 10 young men, however tragically Alemayhu who was dearly loved passed away from lung cancer)


Number of non-paid volunteer staff in who give of their time to help Bring Love In: 11


Number of clothing items given out in 2013: 2965


Number of meals served: 82,992


Number of after school tutoring lessons given: 6,480 


Number of days in 2013 where God met needs in miraculous ways:  All of them!  Praise God!


But all these numbers mean not a thing compared to the smile of a child who knows the love of a mother, and so I want to share with you a picture of Tesge on of our superstar mama’s with her 6 children.

If you would like to join us and help to keep this work alive, here are a few of the ways that you can help out.

1. School bus for our children:  Currently we are renting a bus to take kids to and from school, but we would love to stop having to pay the rental fee as its more than $800 per month. Ouch. A nice used bus that is big enough to hold all of our children costs around $28,000.

2. Keep One Home Sponsors Wanted: We are looking for 19 more sponsors who will give $39 per month to sponsor a family in our Keep One Home sponsorship program.  (The 1oo new families who we signed up are getting processed and started in December and profiles will be sent out to sponsors in early January) You can read more about the Keep One Home program here.

3. Forever Family Sponsorship Costs: This past year we have seen increases in the cost of taking care of our forever families, basic things like food, rent and cooking oil have gone up quite a bit.  Today we have sponsors who give a total of $850 to support each of our 9 houses, however the real cost today of supporting these families has gone up to $1100.  If you would like to give towards a Forever Family click here.  (We will assign you to one of our families and you will get updates on their lives throughout the year.)

4. Budget shortfall for 2014: Nearly all of our costs are going up, today we have gift commitments of $19,500 per month, and a total budgeted need of $24,000 per month.  (We are praying that we find donors who will give monthly have more of this cost covered and not need to rely on one time donations to fill the gap each month)

Click here to make a tax deductible donation


Thank you so much!  We are beyond blessed to see all that is happening through this ministry, and are thankful that you are here on this journey with us!

Levi and Jessie