Ok, so you have heard us say before that things move slowly over here in Ethiopia.  Yet again we are finding that to be true when it comes to the bus that we raised funds for several months ago.  First it was we were waiting for the new year to come along for budget ratio reasons (long story there that I’ll tell you one day when we are sitting around a fire with steaming mugs of tea in our hands) then came the issue of finding a bus that was worthy of hauling all of our kids around town.   We found all sorts of junky busses that didn’t seem safe at all.  Now however we have found what seems to be a pretty good deal.  This week we are working on getting all of our paperwork together and hopefully sometime in the near future we will be posting photos of this big beast roaming the streets full of kids.   Thank you so much to everyone who donated to make this purchase a reality, we are thankful for your generosity.   Pray with us that this all gets wrapped up soon!