We are excited to announce that we are partnering with www.BothHands.org to expand the Bring Love In community and fund the work we are doing in Ethiopia. The Both Hands Foundation helps fundraise for adopting families and non-profits who serve orphans. Bring Love In will gather a team of volunteers and Both Hands will coach them to coordinate a service project fixing up a widow’s home. The team sends letters to raise sponsorship for their day of service. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to Bring Love In to provide for the needs of Forever Families!

Both Hands has the same kind of passion we do for widow and orphan care. Our first project together will be lead by Luther Ramsey in Clarksville TN, on May 20th. We will be spending the day working on Ms Wilson’s home. She is an 84 year old African American woman who has been blind since she was 28 and has lived by herself since her husband died 22 years ago. Her home needs de-cluttering, cleaning, painting and some yard work. We are so excited to to have an opportunity to make a difference in her life.

We are asking you to consider leading a Both Hands project in your community to benefit Bring Love In. Not only will you be supporting the work Bring Love In is doing in Ethiopia, but you will also be partnering with your church, friends and family to change the life of a widow in your own community. If you are interested in leading a project or have questions please email Luther Ramsey at luther@bringlove.in