I love to read. I feel like I learn the best about a place or a subject or a person by reading. I also love to hear about what other people are reading and get ideas from those around me. I thought I would share some of the books I have read that have helped me learn about the country I live in, adoption, and just life in general. Hope you enjoy.


Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese…. This is the first book I read about Ethiopia and I loved it. I thought it was so beautifully written. It also explained some of what it was like in Ethiopia during the Italian occupation and in the hospitals at that time.


This is a Soul by Marily Berger…. This is a wonderful book about the medical situation in Ethiopia. It is so informative and I learned a lot about why people are getting sick, what can be done, and how one man is working to help many. It was very inspiring and hopeful.


Somebody’s Someone by Regina Louise….. I read this when we were getting ready to adopt our first daughter. It is about a woman who grew up in the foster care system and it is a tragic story in so many ways but also redeeming and if this book does not make you want to do something about the foster care system than nothing will. She also did a one person play that I had the privilege to watch which was AMAZING.

Interracial Intimacies by Randall Kennedy…… Ok so this book is 688 pages long. It is a lot of information. It can be a bit overwhelming but again I read this one before we adopted and I have gone back to what I learned in this book a lot. I learned so much about how people were treated in America. It was eye opening and I feel more equipped to raise my daughters with the information that I gleaned from this book.


Beyond the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo…… The subtitle of this book kind of says it all. “Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity” No this one is not about Ethiopia, but it is about living extremely poor and the good and bad of that. I loved this book. I loved that it really showed the community that the people had and the daily struggle for life.


I hope you enjoy these suggestions. If anyone has any great book suggestions and wants to share them please put them in the comments. I am always looking for good book suggestions and I don’t think I am the only one.