If you are friends with me on Facebook you likely have seen me gushing lately about the project license being nearly complete.  We went to a meeting in the morning yesterday and were given what they say is the final list of changes that they need from us before issuing the license, and we were overjoyed to see that there are only four sentences that need to be reworded. Meaning, as early as Monday they could be handing us a newly minted license!

Of coarse we are still in Ethiopia… So Monday might turn into Tuesday and so on… But point being we are close, very very close!  There are no more “approvals” needed before we start, only the small change in wording.

Praise God!

Over the past weeks we have been speaking on the blog here about the need for funds to cover the startup expenses for the project. Right now we are working on setting up the Intake Home and Forever Family Support Center with all the furniture, beds, desks, computer and kitchen appliances and cook wares that are needed. Adding to that cost is the 6 months rent advance that we need to pay (something that is customary here in Ethiopia).

The total we need for all of these expenses is $12,250.  Some of that has come in, but the need still rests at just under $12,000.

I mentioned in an earlier post that faith is not my strong suit of mine, I often allow myself to fall into the pit of believing that the next mountain is to large for Him…. I know, I am in the wrong line of work to have such weak faith.  Believe me, God and I have conversations often about this and He keeps putting me back in the same burning hot fire.

If it’s true that fire refines our faith, than one of these days I am going to be made of solid gold, because I can’t seem to get myself away more than a few feet from the flames.  (I guess I am just a slow learner…)

Apparently though, I have once again been wrong about His faithfulness (as usual…) and, I really need to learn to stop worrying and start trusting Him, because last night I got a message from a good friend telling me that he had found a anonymous donor who is willing to pay for the entirety of these startup expenses!

I re-read his message about twenty times because I could hardly believe what I was reading.  God is so incredibly good! In this commitment however there is one small stipulation, what he said is that this donor is willing to donate the funds for the startup expenses, but only after we have the full monthly expenses for the Intake Home committed.  

Here is what this means;

  • The total we need to run the Intake Home is $1,327 per month.
  • The total we have committed so far towards this need is $325 per month.
  • Meaning we need another $1,002 per month in commitments before we are able to access this startup funds donation.

So… What do you think?  Can we gather together and make this happen?   Will you work with us by posting this on your Facebook page, telling all your friends, and by making a small monthly commitment to help towards this need?

If just 40 people were to make a commitment of $25 a month the Intake Home will be fully funded, and the $12,000 donation will come in!

Any gifts towards this goal are going to make a huge impact!  Not only will you be helping with the ongoing costs of this Intake home but also allowing us to access the set up expenses as well!  Funding a home that will be able placing somewhere in the neighborhood of 115 children into new forever families over the coming season, and even more than that in the next.

Lives will be forever changed, orphans who will be given families. If you are like me, there is little in this world that compares to the joy of giving an orphan a family.

What do you sat? Can we do this?

Let’s get together and meet this need quickly so that we will not loose the $12,000 donation to get the place set up!

Click the button below to hop over to the donate page. Be sure to select “Intake Home” as the designation and give a monthly donation towards this need and help access the startup funds.

UPDATE:  I just went through and checked the donation commitments that have come in towards this goal…. And so far $285 per month has been committed!     Only $717 to go! 

If you want to read more about the total costs that it takes for us to do the work that we do here in Ethiopia, click on the “needs” button at the top of this page.