This is not a fashion blog, and never will be… But I am willing to bet that a good number of you who are reading this are going to be pretty happy with me when you read this little tip about super-curly hair that I discovered.

For the past 5 years we have been trying to figure out how to do Ruth, our little adopted African-American girl’s hair… And as I am sure those of you have have adopted anyone with super curly hair, or were blessed enough to be born with it yourself, can attest, the hair-brushing, bath-time tears are no fun.  I am jealous of my friends who grew up with mothers who taught them how to handle these sort of things, for the rest of us though.. I offer up this little how-to for making “Awesome Hair” with no tears.

About a month ago, I happened across a solution that no one, not even the countless Ethiopian women who we have asked for the “tricks-of-the-trade” ever told us about. Somehow this one has flown under the radar, but it works!

So here goes, the hair tip to top all other hair tips.

How to wash and untangle super-mega-curly hair without a comb or tears.   

Step 1.  Take your child and put them in the bath with about a foot of warm water.

Step 2. Rinse their hair with water quickly. No need to scrub, just get all of the hair wet.

Step 2. Douse a good amount of conditioner (not shampoo, we are going to skip shampoo altogether) into their hair.  And by good amount I mean about ten times as much as you would use for caucasian straight hair.   Rub it in with your hands for a minute or two, making sure that every part of the hair is soaking in conditioner.

Step 3. Let your child play in the bath for about 15 minutes, allowing the conditioner to soak in.

Step 4.  Now, have your child lay back in the water and spend about 3-4 minutes running your fingers through the hair while it is under water.  The conditioner will come off into the water, and all of the tangles will come out.  (Yes, this part is where the magic happens.  Pure magic!)

Step 5. Immediately after they come out of the water apply any product that you want in their hair.  Do not wait even 1 minute, but instead, at the exact moment that the water is running out, the curl cream or other product goes in.  (We use a beeswax cream) Not much is needed, as some of the conditioner is still in the hair and should stay there.

No comb.

No brush

No crying.

When you are done the result should look something like this.

Now. How cool is that?

We have literally been fighting through bath time tears for years until we figure this out, since then not once has Ruth cried when we do her hair.

And, as a bonus she gets to wear her hair out now, she like to call it her “awesome” hair.