Lisa Rimback

Lisa Rimback is our Administrative Director who is available to help our donors and support the work of Elevate Orphan in whatever task needs to be done. Lisa, her husband Pete and their youngest daughter, Chara live in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Reuben Gobezie

Dr. Reuben Gobezie heads up Elevate Orphan. He is responsible for all overarching operations and fundraising efforts, as well as overseeing the board. Reuben was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and has served on short term missions in Ethiopia for several years. Courtney Gobezie and Reuben have adopted a child from Ethiopia. All together, the Gobezie’s have 4 children and regularly serve on missions together in Ethiopia. The Gobezie family is committed to seeing the Lord glorified and enjoyed by all who are impacted by Elevate Orphan.

Dr. Biruk L. Wamisho, FCS, MP

Dr. Biruk L. Wamisho was recently awarded the rank of full Professorship of Orthopedic Surgery by the Addis Ababa University Board of Governors. Dr. Biruk along with his beautiful wife, Lili and 2 girls – Hildana and Abayelet and their son, Joel, live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are so thankful for Dr. Biruk’s wisdom, insights and desire to glorify God as he helps us in this good work of elevating orphans and placing them in families!

Dr. Biruk Lambisso is a senior consultant Orthopedic Surgeon by profession. He is as well an Associate Professor at Addis Ababa University- Black lion Hospital, President of Ethiopian Society of Orthopaedics & Traumatology (ESOT), Head of Department of Orthopedic at School of Medicine, and College of Health Science in AAU. He is also the Chairman of several committees at Federal and Addis Ababa City level.
Dr. Biruk has been elected and served in several executive committees of National professional associations like Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA). He is known for his extensive work in the areas of Medical ethics, Medical professionalism and teachings of clinical research coordinator (CRC).
Dr. Biruk enjoys treating patients, teaching medical and specializing students/doctors and conducts several researches.
It is to be well remembered that Dr. Biruk and the team operated on teenage girl with parasitic twin received award and recognition from the Parliament of Ethiopia. He performed over 15,000 documented major/complex orthopaedic surgeries, both at his public and private practice in the last two decades.
He is a much respected surgeon the nation has produced and enjoys helping our citizens in need. Many benefited from his healing hands and learned his skills.
What is more, he is volunteer regular surgical campaigner participated and made valuable contributions on different occasions during surgical camping in the rural parts of Ethiopia organized by ESOT, NaPAN, Surgical Society of Ethiopia (SSE), and Federal Ministry of Health.
Dr. Biruk is humble, sociable, well interactive and hard working.

Brandon Edwards

The Edwards’ family loves the kids at Elevate Orphan and they are passionate about God’s heart to care for the orphan and widow (James 1:27). Brandon is a worship pastor at Journey Church in Bozeman, Montana. He has had the privilege to oversee Journey’s global outreach for the past 7 years. He has led many short-term missions trips to Ethiopia and has continued to partner with Elevate Orphan in Addis for many years.

Thomas A

Thomas is a gifted administrator and loves the children passionately and is a brother in Christ of high integrity, profound organizational skills and extreme honesty. Thomas, as a native of Ethiopia, has developed deep relationships within the Ethiopian Government and Orphanages. He has a broad network of relationships that enable him to connect the children with jobs, vocational schools and housing as native born Ethiopians and long-standing residents of Addis Ababa and of The Body of Christ in Addis.