August Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,
We all arrived safely home from our missions trip to Addis Ababa last Sunday, July 24, and I’m still smiling and rejoicing as I share with family and friends of the excellent fruit we witnessed at Bring Love In For Needy Children in Ethiopia.  I’m praying about what the Lord wants me to share because I could write a book!  My thought is if I were praying and donating to this ministry, I would like insights and confidence that this work is doing what we say it is doing.
For those of you who are newer to Elevate Orphan, we support a ministry in Ethiopia called Bring Love In For Needy Children(BLI).  Thomas, the director, is beloved by all, including all of us who went on the mission trip from July 16-July 24.  Thomas’s steadfast vision is that BLI would get children from government orphanages and place them in rented homes within walking distance of the Learning Center and offices of BLI.  Five to eight former orphans come to live in a house with a believing mother and auntie, widows hired from the local churches and they have a Forever Family.    The children get a private education, homework help after school, counseling from the godly staff, and opportunities afforded to few orphans in Ethiopia.  Thomas’s vision is that these 70 children, under the umbrella of BLI will have “brothers” and “sisters” they can call on throughout their lives!  If someone needs a lawyer, doctor, seamstress, etc., they can call their brother/sister.  Thomas is an excellent role model and has hired a fantastic team to staff this great work!
While over in Addis Ababa, we got to know the children through learning camps.  The children quickly pick up on skills, are kind, and jump into service as they see needs!  Singing worship songs, playing games, going on special outings, cheering at a soccer game for our boys from BLI, visiting their homes, and living six days with them knit our hearts together!  We hope to have some videos soon on our website so you can experience some of our joy at living life together.
The staff believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and display the fruit of the Spirit!  Thomas has a team of believers who love and serve the children, mothers/aunties, and each other!  It was beautiful to witness the three girls home from university greet and hug the counselors, drivers, and other children.  I got to see how this is one big family and community!  The counselors went with us to visit the mothers and aunties in their homes and helped interpret for us.  The hospitality we experienced was such an encouragement to me of what a witness we can be by opening our home.
So many of you prayed for our trip, and I thank you so much!  One wonderful testimony that I will treasure is as I was participating in the camp for crafts/hair/makeup, we thought we’d incorporate some bible encouragement on inner beauty – Proverbs 31:30!  So I pulled up a video from Journey Church made in 2016 with many clips from the children six years younger.  They sang the song “Beautiful Things,” which talks about God using all things in our lives to produce beauty in them! . The Lord used this video as a reminder and touchpoint of how much we, and all of us who pray and give to Elevate Orphan love them.
If your family or church would like more information about the good work funded by Elevate Orphan, I would love to visit in person or on a zoom call and share it with your friends and church family.  You can reach me at

Again we thank you for your partnership in the gospel, and investing in this good work in Addis Ababa!
Lisa Rimback
Administrative Director

July Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,
Greetings! Again we want to thank you for partnering with us as we continue with our mission of loving orphans as our own by raising our children to know Christ first and then go out and change the world!

We have two girls graduating from university this July! Meklit graduated from her university this past Saturday, July 2, with a degree in Chemical Engineering! Enguday will be graduating on July 16 from her university with a degree in Civil Engineering! We invite you to rejoice in the Lord’s goodness and celebrate this incredible accomplishment for these two young ladies! Both Meklit and Enguday were in Grade 5 when the Lord brought them to Elevate Orphan! Seventy children now have a forever family! We rejoice that the Lord is using this ministry to give these former orphans loving families, security, a home, food, education, a church family, and counseling that allows these children to thrive like Meklit and Enguday! We will soon have pictures and news on our upcoming six high school graduates!

We have a team of 19 people preparing to go over to Addis Ababa and visit the children, moms, aunties, and staff at the ministry supported by Elevate Orphan. We are planning to run camps in music, public speaking, learning computer software like PowerPoint and video editing, cooking, doing hair, soccer, English speaking, and a vacation bible school. We are finalizing our plans and purchasing supplies.

We would love for you to join us in praying:
1. For each team member to be healthy and safe travels to, from and in Addis Ababa, July 16-July 24, 2022.
2. One of our team members needs an expedited passport, and we pray that it goes through without any problems.
3. May the Lord use this trip to build up all going and all in Ethiopia!
4. We ask you for prayer coverage that we will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, represent Christ well to all we come in contact with, and be His ambassadors in word and deed this whole trip!
1. We are so thankful for each team member going on this trip and their servant hearts, talents, and skills they are willing to use!
2. Many generous people and churches are supporting and helping fund the team members’ trip!
3. For both our university graduates and six high school graduates!

In His Grip,
Dr. Reuben Gobezie

June Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

We want to thank you for your prayers and generous support! Thank you for loving the children and widows and trusting us to steward the ministry God has assigned us at Elevate Orphan.

This past May was busy for the students finishing school, taking tests, and six of them preparing to graduate from high school! In addition, we have two young ladies preparing to graduate from university. Meklit will be graduating with a degree in chemical engineering, and Enguday is finishing her degree in civil engineering. Please join us in praying for these two young ladies that the Lord will help them through their last classes and direct their steps to where He wants them to take jobs. Also, there was a celebration for Degefa’s birthday as he turned seven years old! A soccer coach came on campus to work with the kids as well!

In May we had training for the mothers and aunties and the staff! The training topics were on skills to communicate with teenagers, parenting, solving problems, stress management, and emotional intelligence. We are so thankful for this time; we pray the moms, aunties, and staff are encouraged and equipped to keep on and not grow weary in doing good!

I’m happy to announce that we have a team of 19 going over to Addis Ababa to visit and serve the children, mothers, aunties, and staff at Elevate Orphan and be mutually encouraged by them! We would love you to join us in prayer for our preparations, good health, servants’ hearts, and safety in our travels. We leave July 16 and get home July 24!

I want to leave you with this last request … pray for these children. Pray for their healing, growth, and eventual understanding and acceptance of Christ’s eternal gift to us. Their salvation is the ultimate goal. So pray fervently and often – God be glorified!

In His Grip,

Dr. Reuben Gobezie
Elevate Orphan

May 2022 Newsletter

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” 
Matthew 25:40

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

Thank You for being a part of and supporting our mission to love the orphan and widow as Jesus, Our Lord, and Savior has called us to do….’as ourselves’. Thank you for loving them and trusting us to steward the ministry God has assigned us at Elevate Orphan.

This past April, we received wonderful news from Thomas that many of our students were honored for academic excellence as well as excellent behavior! Matthew 25:21 “His master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” We are rejoicing in our students being faithful in their studies!

April also brought  the celebration of our risen Lord, during Easter, or Fasika as it is called in Ethiopia! Rejoicing that this ministry has brought together widows of the church who need provision with a fruitful ministry of loving and raising children. It is beautiful to see these pictures of how the Lord has brought together these women and children and with the support of God’s church with one voice, we are all praising Him! The Lord is so Faithful, So Good, So Loving, and Merciful……He is WORTHY!  Hallelujah!  AMEN.

This spring, we will see 6 of our high school seniors graduate and prepare to enter university this upcoming fall and 2 of our University students graduate! One university student graduates with a degree in  Civil Engineering and the other student with a degree in Chemical Engineering!   This is a part of Levi and Jess Benkert’s original vision which continues today, that these former orphans would be given a loving family, counseling, be surrounded by those who love them and have their best interest, as well as have opportunities for education with a foundation of Christ.  Then, if the Lord chooses to raise them up to be the leaders of Ethiopia,  they will have that biblical worldview to be salt and light!

We anticipate that over the next 4 years we will have as many as 40 children attending university in Ethiopia, from our Elevate Orphan family. (We have 70 children now!).  It’s a tremendous blessing to be a part of a ministry that is so blessed by The King with fruit for the harvest.  This transition of children who are “growing up” and matriculating into university will enable us, with your support, to take another 40 children over the next 3-4 years and pour into these lives for His Kingdom.  Thank you again!  Just to remind you how amazing this is, as of 2022, less than 20% of Ethiopian Students get to participate in secondary education, and less than 10% have  a University Education. We get a front-row seat to see the Lord  bless these children  and Lord willing this nation through our support and prayers!

I would like to leave you with this last request … pray for these children. Pray for their healing, growth, and eventual understanding and acceptance of Christ’s eternal gift to us. Their salvation is the ultimate goal. Pray fervently and often – God be glorified!

In His Grip,

Dr. Reuben Gobezie
Elevate Orphan

Michael Amos Update

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

I am humbled and hopeful after seeing the kids on our visit to Addis Ababa this February. Our short week was packed with amazing conversations with the kids and staff and I got to see true growth in the kids from the videos and story updates I have seen every year at Journey Church since I was baptized there in 2014. To actually get to meet them and bond with them was, quite beautifully, overwhelming.

With a camera in my hand I was able to watch Brandon reconnect and I got to make a lot of new friends. It was my first time in Africa and it was an intense trip for me as I wanted to capture so many different things so I could best show and explain what I saw and what is going on in this part of the world. As Reuban said in his letter honestly the only way to truly appreciate this place and these kids is to visit.

After a few days of warming up to each other, the young ones were asking me about my family and we talked about our favorite movies. The memory that makes me cry every time I think about it is when I was able to hand the camera over to some of the kiddos and let them capture each other. I imagine a day where I only visit to come and teach them more about editing and more advanced filmmaking; when they can make their own videos to show us all how well they are doing.

I look forward to going back soon. I don’t think anyone can visit this place and say “That’s enough”. It’s easy in this life to get overwhelmed by all the evil in the world but Elevate Orphan is doing invaluable work and gives me hope to see the good God is doing in the world to heal what’s broken. The work we are doing with these amazing children is crucial. Through Thomas and his staff team we are saving the lives of these orphans and transforming the future of Ethiopia by creating chemical engineers, doctors, and future leaders of Ethiopia and that fills me with hope.
Ameseginalehu (Thank you),

Michael Amos

Pastor Brandon’s Elevate Orphan Update March 2022

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

As I was flying back from our first visit to Ethiopia in three years, the word “grateful” came to mind. Grateful to have stability in Addis to make this visit, and the grateful attitude I see in the children at Elevate Orphan.  Because of Covid and the conflict in Ethiopia our church (Journey Church) in Bozeman, Montana, had not been able to send anyone to visit the children for nearly three years. Three years without talking to the kids, teaching them, learning from them and seeing how they’re doing first hand.


In the 10 years since Elevate Orphan first began adopting kids out of the government orphanage in Ethiopia and pairing orphans with widows to make forever families, our church has been sending teams on summer trips to care for the children and help them with their spoken and written English.  Many of our team have gone 3 or 4 times to visit, including myself.  But having over 3 years of time elapse since my last visit, I was expecting the kids to feel further apart in our friendship, but I was wrong. In a lot of ways it felt like I had only just left.  In fact, as the kids have matured these past few years, they seem to have grown in their awareness and appreciation for what God has given them and the biggest surprise to me was how much they missed us. Time away had made our hearts grow fonder.


The two oldest girls in the program, Meklit and Enguday, are close to graduating from university with their engineering degrees this spring.  Seeing their success has given even more confidence to the other children. They seem more motivated and excited about their future, full of hope and expectation at what God has in store for them.


Part of Elevate Orphan’s mission is to raise up and educate the orphans to be future christian leaders to transform and shape the future of Ethiopia.  Talking to each one of the kids I quickly saw that the top four careers they are hoping to pursue are engineering, medicine, architecture and law. Seeing the kids so excited and motivated to move on to college and so grateful for the education and opportunities they’ve had was very encouraging, especially seeing the 13 new children who have been adopted out of the government orphanage and placed into forever families. They are full of joy and have a further advantage of seeing the older kids as an example of the kind of success they can have.


If you know if anyone who would like to sponsor one of these children please forward this email to them and share this.


Love and Hope in Christ,

Pastor Brandon Edwards
Journey Church, Bozeman, Montana

February 2022 Trip To Ethiopia

Dear Elevate Family,

I am full of joyful praise after returning today from visiting our children in Addis Ababa.  To summarize my findings, I share with you what one of the wives of a leading political figure in Ethiopia, who met the children at a field trip to a beautiful park outside of Addis, said after meeting them,

“Reuben, are these the children you have been speaking about for the last few years that are from the government orphanage?  They are wonderful….so full of joy and they look so healthy and beautiful!”

When I acknowledged that these were, in fact, the children I had shared with her about in the past, she started to cry.  “This work should be the point of all of our lives!”, she said.  She asked how she and her two teenage daughters could be involved in serving with the children this summer, during our upcoming planned missions trip (I’ll share more on this later).

Indeed, the children are doing very well.  Truly, the only way to really see The Lord’s Handiwork in changing these childrens’ lives is to…well, go see them!  As many of you know who have seen The Lord change lives, there is nothing like witnessing Spirit Life in a follower of Jesus.  Hallelujah, that The Life within the individuals results from The Lord’s work in a ministry that YOU are partnered in.

Thomas, as always, continues to show his gifts as an administrator with great vision, deep understanding and compassionate love for the children.  Brandon Edwards and Mike  Amos from Journey also had the privilege of meeting our new family members, the 13 kids newly adopted in the past 12 months (see photo).  Brandon has been to Ethiopia many times with Journey Church in Bozeman, MT, and knows each child by name.  It was sweet to see him reacquaint himself after 3-4 years of absence due to Covid and the Civil War.  Brandon and Mike spent much of their time obtaining great film and photos for us as we work towards establishing (1) an infrastructure to provide monthly updates from each child to their sponsor to build relationship and (2) the foundation for a documentary that we’d like to prepare for digital distribution of this wonderful work. We believe this is a effective model for serving and building  followers of Jesus from the orphans in 3rd world countries to become contributing/leading members of society in their home countries.  Our next update will be from Brandon Edwards who will share his perspective on this most recent trip to Ethiopia.

My wife and I have had the privilege of serving and supporting many different ministries over the last 25 years.  However, I can truly say that I cannot imagine a more fruitful ministry over time than what we have witnessed with Elevate Orphan.  I cannot share all of the different aspects of what we have learned on this trip with you in one update (which is already long!).  We will share some of the stories in the upcoming updates and work to encourage you on toward “love and good deeds”.

In His Grip,

Dr. Reuben Gobezie
Elevate Orphan