August Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,
We all arrived safely home from our missions trip to Addis Ababa last Sunday, July 24, and I’m still smiling and rejoicing as I share with family and friends of the excellent fruit we witnessed at Bring Love In For Needy Children in Ethiopia.  I’m praying about what the Lord wants me to share because I could write a book!  My thought is if I were praying and donating to this ministry, I would like insights and confidence that this work is doing what we say it is doing.
For those of you who are newer to Elevate Orphan, we support a ministry in Ethiopia called Bring Love In For Needy Children(BLI).  Thomas, the director, is beloved by all, including all of us who went on the mission trip from July 16-July 24.  Thomas’s steadfast vision is that BLI would get children from government orphanages and place them in rented homes within walking distance of the Learning Center and offices of BLI.  Five to eight former orphans come to live in a house with a believing mother and auntie, widows hired from the local churches and they have a Forever Family.    The children get a private education, homework help after school, counseling from the godly staff, and opportunities afforded to few orphans in Ethiopia.  Thomas’s vision is that these 70 children, under the umbrella of BLI will have “brothers” and “sisters” they can call on throughout their lives!  If someone needs a lawyer, doctor, seamstress, etc., they can call their brother/sister.  Thomas is an excellent role model and has hired a fantastic team to staff this great work!
While over in Addis Ababa, we got to know the children through learning camps.  The children quickly pick up on skills, are kind, and jump into service as they see needs!  Singing worship songs, playing games, going on special outings, cheering at a soccer game for our boys from BLI, visiting their homes, and living six days with them knit our hearts together!  We hope to have some videos soon on our website so you can experience some of our joy at living life together.
The staff believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and display the fruit of the Spirit!  Thomas has a team of believers who love and serve the children, mothers/aunties, and each other!  It was beautiful to witness the three girls home from university greet and hug the counselors, drivers, and other children.  I got to see how this is one big family and community!  The counselors went with us to visit the mothers and aunties in their homes and helped interpret for us.  The hospitality we experienced was such an encouragement to me of what a witness we can be by opening our home.
So many of you prayed for our trip, and I thank you so much!  One wonderful testimony that I will treasure is as I was participating in the camp for crafts/hair/makeup, we thought we’d incorporate some bible encouragement on inner beauty – Proverbs 31:30!  So I pulled up a video from Journey Church made in 2016 with many clips from the children six years younger.  They sang the song “Beautiful Things,” which talks about God using all things in our lives to produce beauty in them! . The Lord used this video as a reminder and touchpoint of how much we, and all of us who pray and give to Elevate Orphan love them.
If your family or church would like more information about the good work funded by Elevate Orphan, I would love to visit in person or on a zoom call and share it with your friends and church family.  You can reach me at

Again we thank you for your partnership in the gospel, and investing in this good work in Addis Ababa!
Lisa Rimback
Administrative Director