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Dear Elevate Family,

Thank you!

I want to thank you for your passionate dedication to this ministry. I am truly blessed to share the Lord’s abundant fruit in the lives of our children at Elevate Orphan. It’s a joy to watch them thrive.

Student Progress!

In Ethiopia, there is a national exam for students in 11th and 12th grade, which determines their eligibility for university admission, their placement based on exam scores, and their field of study. The government covers the university education costs for admitted students. Last year, six of our seniors took the national qualifying exam for university admission.

I’m thrilled to announce that five of them were accepted into universities across Ethiopia. Two of the students, Haimanot Tesfaye and Elsabet Alemayehu, have decided to pursue different paths. Haimanot is now focusing on a career in makeup and nails and recently graduated from Cosmetology School, while Elsabet has shifted her attention to photography and videography.

The remaining three students are now in their second year of study at university. Yididya Bishaw is attending Hawassa University,  Eyosiyas Mina is attending Bahar Dar University, and Tigist Getachew is attending Dire Dawa University.

Recently, nine more of our children (or should I say “young men and women!”) sat for the 12th-grade exam. Eight of them passed and have been admitted to various universities. Yibeltal Dessalgne, Sosina Osman, Hirut Girum, Seada Zewedu, and Gemachu Eshatu are attending Dila University. Moges Bishaw is attending Hawassa University. Dawit Mengesta is attending Welayeta University. Tegereda Getachew is attending Welkita University.

These universities take the students many miles away from home. We ask that you cover them in prayer with us as they pursue their studies and continue down a path that breaks the cycle of poverty and orphanhood. To God be the glory!

Additionally, Seble Nigusa is set to graduate with a degree in Sociology in June. Deraje Mazengiya graduated with a degree as a health officer (nutrition counselor) and is working in a hospital. Haimonot Moges completed a 6-month course at Aviation Academy and has now started living independently as well.

Praise Break!

Can we pause for a collective “Amen! Hallelujah!”?

I truly believe that these achievements would not be possible for these children apart from God’s hand on Elevate Orphan.

Most of you can imagine the challenges facing these children who are abandoned in their childhood to the Government orphanages. There is material, emotional, and mental anguish they must overcome to “pull it together” and live productive lives, and yet these children have done more than that in Christ Jesus. They have overcome this world, the devil, and their flesh in the power of The KING. Sure, good things are happening in their education and young professional lives, but the real beauty is that they each know The LORD as their God and Savior.

Thank you, JESUS!!

Child Sponsorship

If you just read the names of one of your sponsored “children,” please know that Elevate Orphan will continue to support each of them with a monthly stipend of approximately $250 to cover their expenses while at school. If you’re reading this and are not currently sponsoring a child, please consider starting now because we have some exciting news…

Letter Exchange (Penpals!)

We are launching a letter exchange program between sponsors and children! In order to receive a letter from your child this fall, you will need to be registered as a monthly sponsor by June.

How will it work?

  • This summer, all of the children will write letters to their sponsors. The younger kids and those who aren’t very strong in English will receive help (and may rely more on pictures).
  • A team visiting in July will bring the letters back and send them off to you. This means WE NEED YOUR PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS.
  • You’ll have a few months to reply and mail your letter to a US-based address.
  • We’ll then take the letters back to Ethiopia (hopefully January ‘25) and start the cycle all over again.

We are so so excited for everyone involved to have a new, deeper way to connect, celebrate, and pray together.

Please don’t miss out on this opportunity. Sign up to sponsor a child and email admin@elevateorphan.org to make sure we have your physical mailing address.

Learn More and Join the Mission

As always, you can see pictures, read more about the organization, and find out how to sponsor a child or support the general operations of Elevate Orphan by visiting elevateorphan.org.

Thank you for your love for our children and the widows, Know that The LORD’s Hand is on this ministry for His Glory!!  Hallelujah!  AMEN.

In His Grip,


P.S. Don’t forget to reply to this email with your physical mailing address so that we can make sure you receive a letter from your sponsored child.

P.P.S. If you want to sponsor a child or help with the general operating costs of Elevate Orphan you can do so by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink. Your gift helps care for widows and orphans in Ethiopia.