Jessie and I are sitting in bed, both of us with our computers open banging out replies to people and connecting with friends on Facebook, things have been so busy these last few days we are both behind on everything. All around us there are bags and boxes scattered across the floor. The homeness of this place is gone now as everything has been taken off the walls and the shelves are bare. Tonight is our last night in this place and tomorrow we move to a new house across town.

Hold up, I really should temper the title on this post some before you get too excited.  No we have not yet gotten the license…. Something with a courier who has not made his rounds for the past 6 days and a desk that our approval is collecting dust on.

Yes.  That means more stretching and patience learning going on around here, but you have already read those posts so I am going to stay mum on the wait of our lives topic.

But this move is a good thing!  Being this far into the licensing process we have the location of the project approved already and so we are moving our family to be closer to the kids. We want to be able to walk down the street to visit the forever family homes and immerse our selves in the lives of these new families.

Though our kids are getting the usual move time stomach aches and jitters, I know that this move is a good thing, and that once we are settled in, and once (God please make it soon) we get the license and start taking kids into new families, our family is going to be right where we should be to help this all happen.

Ok.  That is all I have today.  I am pooped from packing and need to get some sleep.

I promise pictures of the new neighborhood and our new house soon.