Its been less than 24 hours since we landed and look what turned up on my front door today.

This is just incredible!  Yabi (who you will be hearing a lot about here on the blog) has been working for the past several months to get this put together for our government proposal on the project. He and his fiancee Betey are going to be the local directors for the project once its launched.  If there is one thing we have learned in the past two and a half years since we moved here to Ethiopia is that a project no matter how much funding or vision, or planning has gone into it, in the end is only as good as the people on the ground.  None of this would be possible, or even being considered if Yabi and Betel were not fully engaged in the work and committed to see it out long term.   We have worked side by side with Yabi and now Betel as well since day one with Drawn From Water, and we are honored to keep this partnership going.

I have to say though, as I look at this stack of papers and hear that I need to have it all turned in with my edits completed in just 48 hours, I am really wishing that I was not feeling this major jet lag fog hang over me….  I think I am going to be hitting the coffee big time, because this is actually a very exciting moment, and to have this much completed, and ready for the next steps with us only having landed yesterday is beyond belief.

God is Good.

On a side note, you really should read this article about the Shannon Family and their work here in Addis Ababa, this family is an inspiration to us.