Friends, we are coming to you from Bring Love In with a huge need today. Usually I would write more of an update and let you know about the kids, the ministry, the impact and even a little about our family and how it all ties together.  I am darn proud of what our forever families and our staff and how every single day they all get up and make this happen, however today is different.  We are facing a great big need and I am going to just jump right in and let you know what is going on and how you can help.

Money is tight at Bring Love In, extremely tight right now. With the passing of time many of our long time donors have moved on to other causes, and its becoming harder and harder to get an audience on social media.  Yet the kids that we committed to, the moms who we promised we would stand behind and support as they took the leap and accepted these former orphans into their homes, they are still here, and they need to eat, they need roofs over their heads, and schooling so that we are able to stay the course and raise them up as the future leaders that Ethiopia so desperately needs.

In the next few days we absolutely must raise $36,000. (Update, 17,200 has come in so far as of Monday July 25th!!!)  This is to cover a shortfall and outstanding bills that have been building for a while on top of this months obligations that we cannot cover out of income, these are; school fees, uniforms for next year, yearly rent payments on several of our homes (rents are paid out once a year in Ethiopia), salaries and lastly food.    Each any every one of these things is essential and not an option.

Ongoing every month income is lagging by $7,000 from what our expenses are. Thus the major shortfall that has built up.

Please join us in praying for a miracle to happen, and if you can help out with this need with a gift today or with a monthly commitment click here.   

Thank you!

Levi and Jessie Benkert