Ok, so I think it is time for a quick update on progress over here.

First off I should tell you what I know about Jessie’s surgery that happened yesterday.

Just before I went to sleep last night I received a quick message from Jessie’s dad back in the states, he spoke with her mom, (who is with Jessie while she gets the surgery done.) And he said that everything went well, the surgery is complete and they were on their way back to the hotel to get Jessie in bed.  I am hoping to speak with her sometime soon here and hear more. I have no idea what kind of pain is involved with a sinus surgery like the one she had, but I am praying that it will pass soon.  I will update you all (or should I say y’all since she is in Texas) when I know more, in the mean time thank y’all for your prayers and encouragement.   We feel loved!

Yesterday me and the kids watched the movie We Bought a Zoo, and it made everyone really sad because the mother in the movie died. Maybe I should have timed the viewing of that one a little better and now showed it while Jessie was out of town..  Hmmm

Note to self: Check for dead parents when mama is out of town. 

The project has been in remodel mode this week, with the license completed and all of the employees hired (I promise, formal introductions soon) we are now focusing our energy on getting the intake center and first two forever family homes ready to take kids in.   Today and throughout this week several of the staff are out purchasing desks, computers, kitchen appliances, and about 90 other things on our list that we need.  They are literally taking a big truck with them and piling it high.   We spent the past several days gathering up prices from different vendors and now are going around and buying up from the places with the best prices.   It seems complicated for those of us who are used to stopping into Costco when we need to set up an office, but this is how things are done here, everything takes time.

Our goal is to have the office and intake center finished by sometime next week, and call for the inspection on Friday.  We always like to leave a little room for African time to eat up, so it might be a little closer to Monday or Tuesday (April 2nd or 3rd) Either way you can be sure we will be on here shouting loud about it when it happens.  If you have been tracking with us these past months you will know what a big deal this is.

We do have one request for you today.  As we have been going through the set up we are finding that there are several items that were not on our original budget, but are important for us to have before we can take in kids.  Namely, shelves for the donation room, curtains in the kids area, flooring for the entire building, (carpet for the kids area, and roll out plastic for the office area) and kitchen cabinets and a sink.   Since we did not yet have the building rented when we made our budget we did not know that we would need these items.   The total that we are short comes out to just over $2,300 (delivered and installed).  If you are able we would really appreciate the help with these set up expenses.   We want to have the place looking its best before the kids come in, and not to have left over projects that will distract us from the more important work of helping these kids settle into their new families.

If you want to help out click here to give.  Thank you!

Other than that things are going good, missing my wife like mad and spending a lot of time homeschooling the kids.   I won’t lie, I have come to the conclusion that my wife is a superhero and I never ever want to try and parent without her again, but we are holding it together.

Lastly, before I show you the pictures from the remodel project, I wanted to share with you some links from around the internet today.

This post  from an adoptive mom about the measure of what God puts on our plates is really good and worth your time.

This site is fun, another missionary family in Africa.  James is a great writer, and always fun to read.

Jerry and Christy are working on getting more sponsors for the families in their program, we could not recommend a project more than we do the work that the Shannon family is doing.  The change in the lives of the women they support is incredible, and worth every penny!

And without any further introduction… Meet the paint crew.  This kitchen was bare concrete and took something like 5 coats to cover.  Thank God for hard workers!  


Ok that is all I have for you today.  Thanks for everything!  And for considering helping out with the set up expenses.  We appreciate you all.