I took a look at the last few weeks of posts here, and although I have been writing I have not said much in the way of updates on the project front. Here they are, Bring Love In in a Saturday afternoon sized nutshell.

The Office / Intake Center has been coming together.  Carpet was installed in the kids area, desks have been bought and assembled for all the office staff, curtains are going up on Monday. All in all things are going good.  It really feels like a real working kid-centered project. And we are nothing but proud of Yabi and all the new staff who are working their tails off to make this happen.

We had our first staff meeting on Friday and it was awesome to see everyone together for the first time, raring to go.  I am really excited about how things have been progressing, but I am most thankful right now for the amazing, Godly people who have stepped up to be a part of this work.   Good things are happening!

The street men are settled in their new home (condo) and so far all is well.  They are working on some basic life skills before their work training starts. I asked the leaders from the church about their first night and how it went, they said that they had to go around and confiscate all knives and sharp objects to be safe. These are some seriously rough dudes! But they all were happy to comply and ready to turn a corner in their lives.   Please keep praying for them, the honeymoon phase is quickly coming to an end and the real struggle for their lives is getting underway.

Lastly, as you can probably guess, with Jessie out of town me and the kids are spending a lot of time at home.  We go out, and do some with the project that needs to happen, but for the most part we have been spending a lot of time at the house, doing homeschool and trying to get things done from here. (Only two more days until she comes back!) Today I asked Ruth to take the camera around the house and shoot some pictures so we can share with you some of our day.  Below is a-day-in-the-life from the perspective of a five year old.