This week I have been blessed with the opportunity to read a book to my son, it is part of his homeschool curriculum and it’s message is hitting home hard.  The book is called Brother Andrew, and it is about a missionary in the 50’s and 60’s who helped to preach the gospel among communist countries when most of them were literally closed of to all forms of Christianity.  The book was written by Brother Andrew himself  and it is humbling to read his words and hear of this man’s incredible faith in spite of the most complicated of hardships.  He was often thrown in jail and in nearly every page we are reading of miracles that God did to open doors, aven at times blinding the eyes of customs inspectors who were looking for bibles to confiscate. He was smuggling bibles into places where none could be found, and doing it all with a boldness of faith that I am jealous of.

Anyhow as I read this book I am struck with the audaciousness at which he approaches God in prayer, he sees a challenge coming and stops to ask God for help, and without fail God moves in mighty ways.

This week we are anticipating a big milestone in our ministry here, and as I turn the pages in this book each day, often reading several chapters instead of just the one we are supposed to read, I can’t help but see the need for us to seek God for help with what is to happen.  You see with the end of the school year quickly approaching we are nearing the date when the officials here told us they would be able to transfer children into our care to start two new forever families.  We already have the mothers trained, the furniture in place, and all is set, we just need the kids…

I want to ask you to pray with us for this process, to get on your knees with us and ask God for these kids who are already His, that the paperwork to make the transfer into these new families would go through without a hitch.   I know that God already knows all about the children, and that it is not going to be a surprise to Him which children they pick to be given families.  I know in my heart that these kids are coming to us for a reason, and that God has big plans for their lives.  I just feel impressed that we need to pray together for them today.


Will you pray with us?   We are expecting an answer at the beginning of next week, and we would love to be able to move them right away.