One of the things that I keep harping on, over and over again here on the blog, is the need for not only orphan care after a child has become an orphan, but also for the ones who are about to become orphans. If we are not willing to support a child and keep them home, than we should not even be talking about helping after they have been abandoned by families who either passed away or have left their children. The amount of support that it takes to keep a family together is only a fraction of what it costs after the fact, (not to mention that ones birth family is the best family for any child to be raised in). One project that we know of here in Addis Ababa, one that is a bright example of how best to support mothers who are on the edge of loosing their children is Embracing Hope Ethiopia, it is ran by our good friends Jerry and Christy Shannon, people who we could not possibly provide a more glowing recommendation of.

What Embracing Hope does is provide a day-care for mothers to come and drop off their children while they go out and work to support their families, no longer strapped (literally) to their children these mothers are able to earn far more than they would have been able to before, not to mention that they can do real work and no longer have to beg on the streets.  Then Embracing Hope comes in and provide all sorts of care for these families, everything from clothing, to food to even medical support.  This is literally the perfect support network for the poorest of the poor, one that works incredibly well and should be a model for organizations all over the world.

I want to ask for your help today for a very real and pressing need that Jerry and Christy have.

In recent months they have stepped out in faith and they have accepted fifty new mothers into their program, however they are still looking for people to come along side them and sponsor many of these new families.

Jerry and Christy do an incredible job here on the ground, giving of their lives in a way that is an inspiration to Jessie and I, yet at the same time they have been struggling to tell their story, having a hard time finding people who will come along side them to sponsor the families in their program.  And so Jessie and I feel today that we want to tell their story for them.

But we need your help!  Right now there are 122 sponsorship slots remaining (4 for each family) and they cost $34 a month per slot.   Meaning that they have a whole long way to go before they are able to sustain these mothers who are already in the program.

Will you help?  Will you come along side us today and help spread the word, and even support one of these families yourself?  I am sure that if we band together and start pushing real hard, we will be able to get this snow ball rolling down this mountain, and we will be able to get all of these families taken care of.

Jessie and I have been sponsors personally of one of the families in Embracing Hope, and we want to ask if you will come along side us in this and help more of them.

I have no doubt in my mind, if Embracing Hope were not here doing this work at least half of the children in their program would now be orphaned.  This is literally the last hope for keeping these families together, but they can’t keep doing this without some help.

Can we do this?

Click here if you would like to see pictures of all the families who are in the Embracing Hope program.

Then click here to sign up to sponsor one of the families.  I asked Jerry to send me an update on how we are doing and I will be coming back here to let you know how many of these families have been taken care of.

We are starting at 30 families, and I hope and pray that we can get all of them taken care of in the next few days, but it is going to take an explosion of support from all over the world. So get your social media engines rolling because this is going to take all that we have!

Please share this post, and tell everyone you know about Embracing Hope and the families that they are helping to keep together.

This is a picture of Almaz and Tariku, a mother and her son who are waiting for a sponsor. 


UPDATE: I just spoke with Jerry on the phone and 12 slots have been filled!  Praise God that means that four of the thirty women have been taken care of already, but lets not stop there!  Please keep sharing this around and let everyone you know that these mamas need our help!