When visiting one of our forever family homes made up of widows and former orphans here in Ethiopia, little Selam who is 8 told us that she wanted to share a song with us.  We had no idea this girl could sing!   Just try and watch her as she sings “All This Time” by Britt Nicole this without crying.    As you watch close your eyes and imagine the life that this girl had just a few years ago, living in an orphanage, little hope of a future, almost no thought of a life outside the compound.  But now she is glowing! Loves her family, and is just as happy as can be!  What a gorgeous example Selam’s life is of God’s heart for orphans!



Now you have to watch the real version of Britt Nicole’s song with the lyrics.   We have no idea how Selam got a hold of this song, but we are so glad she did.   The words are so powerful and perfect.