Have you ever played that board game Cranium?  Anyhow, there is this card that you can pull in the game called All Play, and it means that everyone has to participate in the game, so what happens is everyone has to act something out, or draw a picture… This post is one of those cards, if you have made it this far into the post consider yourself committed, today its an All Play and you are in.  Ready? Go!

Ok, so here is the deal. One of the most important things to getting an orphan care project off the ground like the one we are starting at Bringlove.in is to have lots and lots of people who are taking small roles on, the idea is that the more people who are helping and know about the project the easier it will be to get started.

And as you all know, one of the best ways to gather people together is a little tool called Facebook Causes.  The more people who join the cause, the more people who will be along for the journey with us, and eventually the more people who will sponsor children in the program.  More Cause members and blog readers = More children given homes. Its that easy!

So here is the part where you come in.  Today is official Cause day for bringlove.in, our goal for the next 24 hours is to get from the current 123 Cause members to 250…. Are you ready?

What you need to do is click here, join the cause if you have not already and then click the ‘Invite Friends’ button to ask others join with you. I checked and each person can invite as many as 75 of their friends each day.  So… If you do the math we might just blow past 250 in a hurry. Are you ready for this?We might even get to 500!    You can check the progress on the sidebar of the blog here, it has a running total of the Cause members.

Lets see if we can gather together and turn the Bringlove.in Cause into a powerful tool that will help get the orphanage project off the ground.

The Bringlove.in Cause day officially starts now!




UPDATE: I just realized that another very good way to spread the word and help get more people on the cause is to click the Like and Tweet buttons below. That way more people will see the post and sign up for the Cause.  And, thank you! We think you are pretty swell.