One of the projects I have been working on lately is writing a book, something that we were asked to do by the cool people at Tyndale. What they wanted was for us to tell the story of our journey of getting our family to Ethiopia and the lessons we have learned in our time serving of God and helping orphans in such a foreign land.  As I have been writing and taking the time to look back at the time we have had as a family, I can not help but get just a little bit nostalgic, it has been an incredible journey to be sure. One that although I can easily say has been the most challenging time in our lives, I would not trade for anything in the world.

Today I was listening to a Phil Wickham song and the words perfectly summed up the deep lesson God has weaved into the experiences of our life, these are the feelings that I have been working so hard to get down on paper for our story.  Its called ‘After Your Heart’ and I put some of the scenes from our two years in Ethiopia with it in a video.  I know its a cheesy thing to do, but I just could not help myself today.  Writing about it all has gotten me all nostalgic feeling, but more than that I am excited about the future, ready to love like we mean it, and be a part of a revolution that lives for holding nothing back.  

After Your Heart from Levi Benkert on Vimeo.



Let’s be the revolution that lives for hold nothing back.

Live like we see it love like we mean it
This is the start were after Your heart

Love with no condition
It lives for holding nothing back