I do not have pictures yet because I was not there for the actual move today, but I wanted to share with you really quick here about what is happening. The ten young men from the street moved into their new home today! Not one of them has slept in a house with an actual roof over their heads in ten years, and tonight is their first night!

I know this is great reason to celebrate, and I am more than excited for them, but at the same time, this is the start of a vert difficult season for these young men.  There are some serious social, mental, and emotional issues that have built up over the years and this transition is going to be hard.  To say the least.

As you go through your day today please pray for these men, and for their first night here.

Also, please pray with us that the finances continue to come in to pay for their new house and schooling, so far we have three of the ten street boys sponsored.  We felt that we needed to move forward even without the money raised and get them in this home on faith, they are all ready to grow, and we did not want to leave them where they were any longer. The streets of Addis Ababa are not a forgiving place, no matter how long you have survived them.

These young men will now start preparing to enter a 9 month vocational training program, and intense bible study / discipleship school as well.

Thanks for your prayers!

If you missed it, you can hop back to the post where I explained about the costs that we are taking on to get these men through the training and off the street here.

That is all I have today. Tomorrow I am planning to sit down and have a conversation with our first house mother!  I hope to be able to share with you a little about her story. I already know enough of what she has been through that I am bracing myself for this one…