It happened.

Way sooner than we expected.

But it definitely happened.

Honestly we always knew the plan was to build a self sustaining project, but never expected it to be working this well, this soon, but the truth is Bring Love In has entered a new season where it is not only sustaining but growing as well, and yet at the same time, we as a family are becoming increasingly less involved with the day to day operations.

It was one of the things that we set out to do from day one, knowing that although we are putting everything we have into this, our family will never be able to run this ministry as well as the locals can, but also knowing the risk of our having to leave if one of our children became sick, or if we were not able to renew our visas, we decided from the start to build a model that was self sustaining locally.  We knew early on that if this was going to work we were going to hire well, to bring in only highly educated staff who not only were good at their jobs but saw their work as a ministry.

And it’s working.  Better than we ever could have dreamed.

But as with any good plan to build ones self out of a job, once it has succeeded, one is left well… without a job.

And so we have had to ask this question;

God, is there something else that you want us to be working on while we continue our position over overseeing the ministry here?

I am not talking about moving on entirely to something different, nor do we feel that our time at Bring Love In will ever be over, we hope to die old and tired from this work of creating families from widows and orphans, but what I do mean is that we had to ask God if he wanted us to be working on something else at the same time. It just was feeling like we had a good deal of left over capacity at the end of every day, and we wanted to offer that to Him and see what He had for us.

Like I said, this was the plan that one day we would get here, we just never thought it would work so well.

In recent months we found the answer to the question of what else we can be doing came from the most unlikely of places. Through a connection here in Ethiopia we learned of a drastic need in Ethiopia and throughout Africa for better medical diagnostic equipment.

I know… Who knew right?  I guess when you step back and think about it, it makes perfect sense, but I can tell you, this was not something on our radar.

But as creative as God is about these sorts of things, we connected with a couple who we know back in America and explained about this need in the medical field, and from there it all just fell into place, we now have an opportunity to partner with this family on a new project that has the big audacious goal to bring modern medical equipment all over Africa!

I can’t even begin to explain how perfect of a fit this is for us. We feel so blessed, and amazed at how God is working in all of it outside of what we could do on our own.

In two months we will celebrate our fourth year in Ethiopia, in this time our family has been blessed to be supported by financial gifts from many wonderful people back home, people who have given selflessly and who have often spoiled us in ways we could not dream of. It felt strange to send out an email to everyone today thanking them for their support, and explaining what was coming next, because as of this month our family has started to take a salary through this new medical project, and no longer will be needing support.

Pretty exciting huh?!

Bring Love In will continue to move forward just as it has in the past, there are no changes other than our family spending part of our time on a new project to help Africa in another area as well. Your donations towards the ministry work at Bring Love In are still needed, through this change however we are blessed to be able to see the administrative costs being lowered substantially now that our family has another source of income.

God is good!