Child Sponsorship

For just $35/month, your sponsorship provides support through food, housing, Gospel-centered private education, tutoring, and counseling. With every dollar you give to Elevate Orphan, you know that your money is having a direct impact on the child.
God is a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows – Psalm 68:5. In Ethiopia there are 4,500,000 orphans & by sponsoring one of our children you are giving them a home, a family, a church family, and hope for a future!

This is a real child and that is why we provide a picture with their name and a little bit about each child. It costs $550 per month to cover the child’s expenses which includes the care of the mother and auntie in the home. We try to make it affordable so everyone can have a part in helping a child, so a child will have more than one sponsor which starts at $35.

Your sponsorship provides support for a house mom through food, housing, Gospel-centered education and counseling. 100% of your money goes to the children you sponsor.

We accept all types of credit and/or debit card for payments. Although we do not process ACH wires, you can use the debit card that is associated with your checking account. 

Please email, or call  216-971-3292 and Lisa will be happy to help you!

Become a sponsor

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.