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We Help Ethiopian Orphans & Widows


Our mission is to love orphans as our own, by raising our children to know Christ first and then to go out and change the world.


We strive to provide a forever family for each child so that they may become the Godly, future leaders of Ethiopia, living in their communities without the stigma of orphan. We work with local churches to bring a Christ-centered community around our families so that they are supported and loved and we get to personally invest in each child and have a firsthand seat to their growth.

why us.

What Makes us Different?

Ethiopian Run Ministry for Ethiopians

Elevate Orphan is managed entirely by Ethiopians for the benefit of Ethiopians.

Donations Go Directly to Children

100% of your money goes to the children you sponsor. All our administrative expenses are covered by outside grants.

Choosing The Right Widows

Our ministry model relies on choosing ‘the right’ widows to mother/raise our children. Our staff's network of relationships as a native speaker of Amharic and a deeply connected member of the Body of Christ in Ethiopia is invaluable in resourcing these widows .

Deep Relationships With Ethiopian Government

All individuals native to any culture are going to be more successful at navigating the uniquely different perspectives inherent to any particular people group. We have developed deep relationships within the Ethiopian Government and Orphanages that have built a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect over time and that enables Elevate Orphan to more efficiently engage with the Ethiopian System.

Connecting With Children

The children can be more deeply connected with an individual in leadership who speaks their language and derives from their culture.

Network of Local Relationships

Our team have a broad network of relationships that enable them to connect the children with jobs, vocational schools and housing as native born Ethiopians and long-standing residents of Addis Ababa and of the Body of Christ in Addis.

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Elevate Orphan is a nonprofit, tax exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is a registered Non-Profit Organization in Virginia. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law

Loving Orphans As Our Own

Every child deserves to know the radical love of Christ.

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