About Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the world. Ethiopia is mentioned in the Old Testament on multiple occasions and is almost 5,000 years old. Ethiopia is the only nation in all of Africa that has never been colonized.  As a result of this fact, it is the only country in all of Africa who uses its original ethnic language, Amheric, as its National Language.  Ethiopians are very proud of their language and culture. 
  • Ethiopia is largely mountainous. Addis Ababa sits on a plateau whose elevation is almost 7,500 ft. Addis is the highest capital city of any nation in the world.
  • Ethiopia claims to be the birthplace of coffee!! In the region of Kaffa more than 1,000 years ago!
  • Ethiopia also claims to be the oldest Christian Nation in the world! In Western historical tradition, Armenia held this title for many years. However, more recent historical analysis vindicates the Ethiopian claims as the first nation to adopt Christianity as the official language of the Kingdom in 330 AD.

People In Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia is also the only non-Muslim nation remaining in all of North and East Africa. It is difficult to obtain exact numbers on demographics, however, it is largely believed to be at least 50% Christian. Many believe we are in the midst of a revival in Ethiopia….in spite of all of the Nation’s challenges. 
  • Ethiopia is comprised of a large mixture of people groups. As a result of this mixture, Ethiopians are also referred to as ‘Habisha’, the Amheric word for ‘mixed’.

Facts About

115 M

Population (approximately)


Literacy Rate

55 Y

Life Expectancy (in Years)


Poverty Rate (making less than $1.9 US dollars/day)

4.5 M


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“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Matthew 25:40

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