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We do things different. We know that as an orphan, life seems hopeless, but their story does not end there. God has a special place in his heart for children, especially orphans, and so do we. For the past 12 years, we have built an organization that is intent on changing orphan care by treating each child like our own. At Elevate, our children receive a top-tiered education, a family structure, love, care, support and they are introduced to the Savior of the world – truly giving them a chance to thrive.

Our mission is to raise our children to know Christ first and then to go out and change the world. We work with local churches to bring a Christ-centered community around our families so that they are supported and loved. Because we have 70 kids in total, we get a firsthand seat to their growth. We have seen this model work!

About Elevate Orphan


Elevate Orphan believes that each child has value. This is why we ensure that each child in our care has access to the best education, nutrition, families, communities, and counseling services. The betterment of children’s futures is what drives and inspires us to do what we do.

Our funding comes via crowdsourcing and partnerships from people such as yourself. Our role is to raise funding so that we can support our local orphan care organizations and allow our staff on the ground to focus on giving individualized attention to our kids and ensure the care and development of each child.

Elevate Orphan’s work is fueled by the collaboration of people around the world who believe in using our time and resources to help children in need. We look forward to you joining this movement with us!

Our Team

Lexie Clay

Director of Partner Relations and Operations

Lexie has a background in Digital Communications for a fellow nonprofit. She will be using her passions and skills to help us harness our daily operations and invest in our donors. Lexie will head up our fundraising efforts and is deeply passionate about orphan care.

Jared Davenport

Director of Film and Media

Jared has a background in Film and Media, as he has worked with several nonprofits. He will be using his passions for film and storytelling, through pictures and videos, to tell the Elevate story. Jared is connecting the dots within the ministry to show how our mission truly works. Jared has a heart for orphan care and is excited to tell their story through a different lens.

Board Of Directors

Reuben Gobezie

Board Director

Reuben Gobezie heads up Elevate orphan. He is responsible for all overarching operations and fundraising efforts of the organization, as well as overseeing the board. The Gobezie Family loves the mission of Elevate Orphan.  Reuben Gobezie was born in Addis Ababa and has served on short-term missions in Ethiopia for several years.  Courtney Gobezie and Reuben have adopted a child from Ethiopia, Grace, who is now 7 years old.  The Gobezie’s have 4 children and regularly serve on missions together in Ethiopia.  The Gobezie’s are committed to see the Lord Glorified and enjoyed by all of those who are impacted by Elevate Orphan’s sphere of influence.  The Gobezie Family loves orphan and street-kid ministries and are also actively involved with prison ministry and the homeless here, in the United States.

Brandon Edwards

Board Member

Our family loves the kids in Elevate Orphan and we love God’s heart to care for the orphan and the widow (James 1:27). I am the worship pastor at Journey Church in Bozeman, Montana and I have the privilege to oversee our global outreach for the past six years.  I have led short term teams to Ethiopia to partner with Elevate Orphan in Addis for many years and I’m grateful to serve such a wonderful organization in this way.

Neal Kellenberger

Board Treasurer

Husband to Kim and father to 6 children, including twins adopted from Ethiopia Over 15 years of public and private accounting experience, including over 8 years with non-profits. Passionate about the Kingdom of God and its focus on vulnerable children Enjoys getting coffee with friends/building relationships in his community.

Dr. Biruk L. Wamisho

Board Member

The “HABEL” family (abbreviations of our names) strongly believes that through His marvelous grace, GOD elevates everyone. Everyone means everyone! Seeing the challenges daily faced by the homeless and the orphans here in Addis, we are determined to fully engage and participate in supporting Elevate Orphan. We join our prayers, minds, hearts and hands with all who seriously address the challenges of orphan kids, the homeless and those in prison. We believe that this work is what Lord Jesus Christ wants done.  We believe in a holistic approach. We happily volunteer and with this team in E/O, we are sure we please GOD and impact many challenged lives in Ethiopia. They overcome their challenges and cross to surplus life. One day, they themselves will support the disadvantaged.

We cannot accomplish our mission without YOU.

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