It is late, not really, but it feels late to me. We arrived in Boise a few hours ago after spending the entire day in the car, and “exhausted” does not even begin to cover it.

I am conflicted though, thinking of our family and how tiring this trip has been already, but also can’t get the conversation that I had this morning with Thomas who is back in Ethiopia, out of my head.  His words are burning deep into me.

“We are very busy here” He said, just that simple admission was unusual for him, normally an overachiever of a person, he rarely talks of being busy.  Tired is something that I think I have only heard him say a few times, and those were very extreem situations.  And trust me when I say that Thomas and our family have been through a lot together.  So hearing him talk of how things are busy in Ethiopia instantly perked my interest.

“What is going on?” I asked, and then waited impatiently for the two second delay on the phone line to catch up with us.

“Today we enrolled 23 students in school, had meetings with government officials about transferring the siblings of our children into our care, met with landlords about renting new homes, bought food for the families, talked with our mothers about the adjustment that the kids are going through, worked on getting financial reports together for the government inspections, finalized enrollment for the fifty families from the community who are going into our “Orphan Prevention Program.”  He paused for a moment, and my mind started spinning about all that I had heard.

“How are you holding up?”  I asked, trying to get a read on how he was doing.

“I am good, I like seeing the kids so happy, and am thankful that God has given me something to do that I can be productive at”

“How about the mothers?”  I asked.

“They are good, the kids are starting to adjust to being in a family and for some of them this is hard, but they like it, and now they have a good school that we will be sending the kids to, so the mothers will get a break during the day when summer is over”


Thinking about all that is happening over there, and how well it is all being handled makes me feel like a wimp for even thinking that I might be tired right now.  Epic change has already happend for the 24 kids who are now in families, and so much more good is coming down the road, and we are so thankful that God has brought along such amazing people who are rising to the challenge!

But here is the deal, even great people need to know that there are others who are standing with them and praying for them in their work.  So today I have a question for you.

Will you write a word of encouragement for the mothers and staff in Ethiopia that are working tirelessly to create families for orphans?  They are beyond busy, and going to get more so as we open more houses.  Will you write some thoughts or prayers in the comments for them to read today?

My goal is for them to see that there is an army of people on the other side of the world who are rooting for them, who are praying for them, and who are proud of them! Not only do we want to support the work of creating new families from widows and orphans financially, but we care for the people who are on the ground doing the work as well.  They are the real heart and soul of what we do, the mothers who are staying up at night with these kids, healing them with their words. The accountant who juggles mountains of paperwork, the program manager who never can seem to get a day off, the cleaner who scrubs the bathrooms only to see them dirty again moments later.

These people need to hear from us today!

We will take these comments and print them out and make sure that each and every person on the staff reads them and hears out loud the praise that we have for them, and their dedication to these kids.


P.S. We have had some spammy comment issues lately and so the comment moderation is turned on for now, that just means it make take a bit for your comment to show up, don’t let it scare you!   These really mean a lot. 

Lastly, take a moment to watch this video (even if you saw it already) and take notice of Beletu, and see her incredible heart for being a mother to these kids. She is one of the mothers who will be reading your words of encouragement.