Hi there, it has been awhile since I wrote an update on things here, I find that I need to do this once a month or else we sort of drift off into space, honestly I just forget to write about stuff, so I have to get it all down at once. At the risk of sounding overly professional (we are nothing of the sort here) I am going to use bullet points. I hope that is ok.

  • It has been far to long since the last update about our ten young men from the streets who we are supporting here. For those of you who were not following us back several months ago when this project started let me catch you up. We found out through one of the local churches here in town that four men from the church were working together to disciple several men from the streets, they were using their own money and had gathered together a whole bunch of young men who were wanting to know more about the gospel. They were feeding them, and teaching them out of the bible every day. These men from the church came to us with a request, what they wanted was to be able to help these men all get off the streets.

    Simple enough right?

    We thought so too. And so we came here on the blog and asked for help from all of you, being the generous bunch that you are it only took about a week before we had enough commitments to be able to support all ten of these men! We then rented a small apartment for them to share, and enrolled them all in vocational training. That was back at the beginning of the year, now we get to come back and check on our boys.

    They are doing great! All ten of them are still in the program, learning from the bible every day, and moving forward with their vocational training. Some of them are working on becoming taxi drivers, and others are getting trained to work in a restaurant. Several other men have come forward from the church and have offered to become the surety for these men when they get jobs. Meaning that they are offering to be liable if anything goes wrong. Last month eight of the ten men were baptized in the church, and they are all earnestly seeking God. It is an honor to have been involved in these men’s lives, and we could not be happier to be able to report to you that they are doing so well. Truly this is an example of the Church stepping up and getting involved in a very messy situation and bringing the gospel where it belongs.

    I could go on for pages here about how blessed we are to see the church operating in this way, both through you who have stepped up and supported these men, and through the local church here and the men who are getting their hands dirty. I love it!

  • Our families are doing well. To be honest it is quiet around here, like much more quiet than we anticipated. The mothers are doing their jobs well, the kids are thriving in their new families, and even the ones who we had been having emotional issues with during their transition are settling in and learning to be a part of a family. Thank you so much for all your prayers during this time of transition.

    We are looking forward to opening our doors to more families in the coming season. (not yet though…) In the mean time please continue to pray with us for these families, they are still only a few months into this family thing, and we want to be as supportive as we can to help them thrive and become the forever family that God intended for them to be.

  • Our Keep One Home sponsorships are going great, we get to see each of the families once a month, and some of them more often when they come in for medical checkups and to make deposits into their savings accounts. It is a blessing for us when we get to see these families each time, they all exude thankfulness when they come to see our staff here. It is amazing what a difference $35 a month can make in someones life. Back home that much money means only a breakfast out with the family, where here it means everything. If you are interested in helping sponsor one of the remaining four families who we are looking to get sponsored we would love to have you!

    Update: All of these families have been sponsored!! Thank you to everyone who made this commitment.

    • The kids are all enjoying their new school. They all attend a school called Safari Academy and are starting to get the hang of things. Two weeks ago they all got their report cards and showed a big improvement already from when they first started. The five teachers who we have hired for after school tutoring are a big help for them. And this week we hope to have the computers set up in our new library.

    Ok, that is all I have for now. Thanks so much for reading and being a part of making this all happen. We appreicate you.