Hey there,

I hope things are well.  Once again it has been a while since we have written, this week went kind of crazy with my hand issues from the accident, but I was finally able to get the surgery done and now am just waiting for the swelling to go down so we can see if its going to need to get cut open again.  Kinda frustrating…  Anyhow, I am going to try and grit through the pain here and write.  (Percocet is my friend)  I am thankful for our good friends Jeremy and Christina Gabrysch at Sodoo Christian Hospital for taking care of me, and for Dr Anderson for doing the surgery.  What a blessing it is to have friends like them!

The childhood trauma training week with Karen Merry at Bring Love In went really well, our moms and social workers were thankful and had lots of great questions, as you can imagine many of them are dealing with some intense issues from the kid’s past, and this was a great place for them to come together and learn about how to help these kids move forward.

Thanks so much for all of the prayers during this important time of learning.

Also this past week we finally got past an important hurdle with the government on our new sponsor families, although we technically started sponsoring the 100 new families at the end of last year, their paperwork was held up at the local government office while they reviewed the families to make sure they are eligible for the support we are giving them.  (Long story there, some day you should come over for lunch and we will spend several hours getting you caught up on the way things work here…)  Suffice it to say this topic here is one of the more complicated areas of our work here.   The good thing is we are done, today our staff are working on translating all 100 profiles and the families are going to start coming in to learn more about what it means to be sponsored as a Bring Love In Keep One Home Family.  We will be able to explain to them all about all that is offered through the program, and just how it is that we come along side their family to support them as they work to stay together and rise out of poverty.   As I am sure you can imagine, working with the poorest of the poor brings challenges in the area of communication.  Our goal with this program is to keep these families who are on the brink of having to give up their children together, its not an easy task to be sure but one that we feel is oh so very worth it!   We want to ask that you pray for our staff as they take on these challenges this coming week.


If  you are on of those who is sponsoring one of these new Keep One Home Families, you will be hearing from us in an email soon with details about your new family and the support they are receiving because of your generosity.    If you are not already sponsoring a family, and would like to you can read more here about the program, we are still looking for seven more people to step up and sponsor the last seven families.


Thanks again for everything, we are thankful to be watching God move in the lives of all those who are being helped here, and we are thankful for your support in making this all possible!