Today, we want to  look back and see how far we have come and be amazed, we want to take a moment to express the heart and the drive behind this whole organization, this community that is always at the forefront of everything we do.

It’s truly incredible to think of the time, effort and support that allows us to do this work within the lives of these children in our Forever Families.

For us, the concept of Bring Love In, this concept of taking 2 things that were once broken, a widow and a child without the love of parents and family, and joining them in a home, in sustaining support and love is not just an idea…We get to see it manifested in the day to day lives of our “moms” and children within the 9 Forever Families placed around the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We feel strongly that this is more than an organization; this is a community. This is a family. And no matter how you are apart of it, no matter what part you have to play in the lives of these children, you’re in the Bring Love In family with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all of you that choose to walk alongside us, the wonderful staff and moms we have in Addis Ababa to bring hope for these 57 children!

Because when we talk about our heart behind this project, the drive and desire to give these children a future, a future full of possibility and opportunity, we believe in this hope ourselves, we have it anchored in us, deeply rooted in the faith that we are called to be apart of this community, to not just watch these children grow and strive towards their full potential, but to aid them, to come alongside them and provide however we can to help them get there.

And what’s more, we are in this for the long haul, our mom’s are in it for the long haul, our staff as well. And not only for the sake of seeing children taken from orphanages and placed in families, but to see those children raised up as the leaders who will turn the tides on what created so many orphans in the first place.

We are always excited at the fact that we get to dig deep into the goodness of what is in store for these children of Bring Love In, we know that through the support of their families, they are receiving sustaining and abounding love to encourage them towards a beautiful and bright future.

We are able to rest in the confidence of knowing the moms of each of our Forever Family homes love these children as if they were there own, that they pour their time and efforts into making sure each child knows that they are worth it, they are able to achieve more than the beaten and battered world had in store for them.  We make sure that the Bring Love In children are rooted in the truth that they are capable of greatness in their communities, they are able to be leaders in their country, to take what’s been given to them, to move forward from their past experiences of pain and hurt and use this love and support of family as a direction and guide of where they’d like to see their country move ahead to!

So it is always with hearts full of gratefulness, gratitude and amazement that we get to be in this community, this family unit called Bring Love In. We see the providential plan for each of these kiddos being manifested at every new season as they grow into the leaders they are becoming. And we thank you for joining us on this journey!
Our aim is to always keep you in the loop, give you updates and photos and and tell you the stories of all the incredible work that is being done within each of these 9 homes in Ethiopia.