We all met at the office to get on the bus. Excitement was high. You could feel it in the air.

The bus ride was loud and fun. There was a lot of singing going on and very happy faces.

We headed to a restaurant and ate lots of injera and sodas. Lots and lots of meat which everyone seemed to be very happy about. The kids all sat in family groups and shared a platter of food. They were really well behaved and seemed to enjoy all being together.

After lunch we went to an open area where we set up chairs and everyone listened to some of the kids who had prepared something to share. A story, or a poem, or a song.

Then they had the moms play a game that made the kids laugh really hard.

Followed by just plain fun with bubbles, balloons, volleyball, soccer, and snacks of cookies and candy.

Everyone wanted their picture taken with Thomas

Our family felt like we really got to know all of the kids better. It will take time to learn more about them but we feel like this was a great start. We really enjoyed playing with them and just getting to see them enjoy themselves. It was a very special day.

The drive home was much quieter as many of the kids fell asleep on the drive home. I think that proves that it was a successful day. We feel so blessed to be a part of these kids and moms lives. It was really wonderful to see the kids calling their new mom “mom” and watching them care for them. This is the beginning of a truly amazing thing.