I was having lunch a few days ago with a friend and she mentioned something that happened to her a while back. She said that she was getting the feeling that we all get where we could really care less about other people, sort of the “Why care?” Attitude that seems to come on every once in a while.

But this time she did something different, and as I listened to her talk it got me thinking. What she said was that she went to God and asked him for a simple thing, she asked him to show her his heart for one part of the need on this earth.

Basically to say, “Please God, show me how you hurt for your people”.

She explained to me as we sat there at the table, that over the next few months she began to weep whenever she would hear about an orphan in need. It was as though God was showing her how he felt for the least of these and it was overwhelming, almost more than she could bear.

I believe there is some truth in this for us, truth in seeing that God weeps for the rejected and needy in this world. And if we could truly feel his heart, we would all weep right along side him. And the reality that if we were ever to feel more than just a small part of the love he has for us we would be crushed by the weight.

As I look back on the past few years, and see the areas of my life that I have grown the most, I would have to say that God has been working on showing me his heart for the orphans in this world, guiding me to where I feel a small slice of what he feels.

If you were to sit down with me three years ago and ask me about the needs of the orphans and if I really wanted to do something about it, I would have likely said that yes I wanted to do something…. But there would be no way that I would be willing to give everything for them, no way. Today though, its a different story. And as I sit here writing this, thinking back to the journey that it has taken to get me from there to here, man… Its all God, and its all good.

I want to ask a question today, one that I know will reveal a different answer in each of us.

What part of God’s heart beats inside you?