As you all know, last week we also got our license approved here in Ethiopia for the project. Something that has got us all very excited, but also very tired as we embark on the next section of road ahead of us.

It looks like we are going to take somewhere around three weeks getting the administrative end handled, checking things off the list like, setting up an office, hiring an accountant, getting signatures from board members on all the partnership documents between the American side and the Ethiopian side. (the list is much longer than that, but you get the idea…)  And then after that is done we will go into the practical phase where we start moving furniture into the homes and training house mothers.  The plan for that phase is still not set in stone but we think that should take around a month or so, and then after that we get to submit our request for orphans to be transferred from the government orphanage into their new families!

Anyhow, we are busy, and excited, and loving that the waiting is finally over, yet at the same time feeling attacked in the middle of all this.  And I want to just ask that you pray for us.

<<SECTION REMOVED>> <I came back and reread this post that I wrote earlier today and am wondering arrogant nut job got a hold of my keyboard when I was writing this..  I basically went on for about three paragraphs about how I have seen God move in my life but most of the time things just happen and there is no rhyme or reason to any of it.   I was way wrong, and to be honest just going through a rough day and trying to understand why God might let things happen that seem to be so frustrating on the outside. Anyhow, if you read that, I am sorry.  I hope you will forgive my ramblings.  Truth is I am a wanderer in search of wisdom and understanding from God while I am here on this earth, I know very little and the older I get the more it seems that I learn how long the list of things I do now know is rather than add to what I do know.  Ok back to the post, what little of it was worth keeping anyway.>

I want to put the simple request to you that you pray for our family, pray that we have the strength to keep going, and that we are able to find peace in the middle of what feels like a war.  Pray that when next week comes around we are back to full strength and ready to jump on the things that need to be done.

Also pray for Yabi, our local director here in Ethiopia, he is a passionate man of God, who has thrown his heart into helping these children, and since the moment we got the license in hand he has been running non stop to get things started. It was like he had to go from zero to sixty with no warning.  You can see it in his eyes, he is already exhausted! And there is much more to do.  Pray that he has strength and wisdom.

We so appreciate your prayers, love and support.  This is not an easy road to cut through the jungle, and I am certain that without you we would not be able to do any of it.

Thank you, really, deeply, thank you.