This is sad, like super sad…   And I am writing today because together you and I, we are going to do something about it!     Let me explain more…

See this picture here?

While in Ethiopia last week I popped my head into the “store” where we keep all off the clothes and shoes for our 57 kids in our forever families, and our more than 400 kids in our keep one home program.  What we do is allow our moms to go “shopping” at the store to keep their kids clothed, even though there is no money involved we like to give the moms the and kids the dignity of picking out their own clothes, and so they .   It is a room full of things that we and others bring over in suitcases every time we visit Ethiopia.   This last trip Jessie raided the sale rack at Old Navy and I had about 70 pounds of clothes with me, which is all good and great, except see this picture here?  Yeah that one…  That one little shelf is all of the shoes that we have to spare except for the ones that are physically on the kids feet right now…  Not good right?      That is definitely not enough to go around!

We don’t think so either!

Here is what we are going to do!  Who is ready for a good old fashioned shoe drive?  I am heading back to Ethiopia in April, and I intend to bring with me as many shoes as is possible to bring on one airplane!   Are you with me!?!  Lets fill this plane full of shoes!

We will be updating here with pictures of all the boxes that come in.

Here is what we need.

  • Kids shoes for ages 6-18 boys and girls equally.
  • Closed toed gym or other tough type shoes. (They wear them to school)
  • New or gently used
  • Delivered by March 1st

You can send them to this address.

Bring Love In


1805 Lion Heart Drive

Cedar Park, TX 78613

If you would like to make a donation instead and have us go out and buy shoes for you, click here and we will make it happen.

Thanks!  Lets fill this airplane!

Levi and Jessie Benkert