You can pretty much always count on the fact that while living in Ethiopia, predicting when anything will be finished is a bad idea.  Yet, despite having learned that lesson more times that we can count, I am going to try here to tell you what our next week is going to look like.

We sat down with the Bring Love In staff late last week and everyone agreed on a plan;  Our goal now that the office is finished (or at least mostly finished) is to get the first two forever family houses ready for inspection by the end of the week.  It’s a monumental task to be sure, but I think we just might be able to do it.

On Friday I posted pictures of our furniture shopping trip, one that will likely continue its brutal path throughout the first two or three days of the coming week.  If however we are successful in collecting all of the items that we need for these homes, we will then focus on getting everything in the houses and looking nice.  God willing we may actually be able to pull this off…

The nice thing is that we are not alone any more, for the past 6+ months it has just been us and Yabi handling all of the project tasks, but now we have been joined by the first 12 staff members. And this week we will be adding more to those numbers as we will hire and train the mother’s helpers for these first homes.

My job this week is to drive to and fro about Addis Ababa with Marshet in search of every remaining item on our long list.  Yabi will stay back at the office where he will oversee the training of the mothers that is happening, and continue to work on the lease paperwork for the houses. (among a long list of other things)  Even though we are only purchasing furniture for the first two homes, Yabi is already working on leasing next three and we hope to open those as quickly as possible.

Please pray that these tasks get done, and that we are able to pull this off by the end of the week.  It would be so nice to turn in our request for an inspection and get past that hurdle.   (Read; kids! kids! kids!)

Lastly, I have a request for you.  We are nearing the end of the month, and finances are tight.   We have had several out of budget expenses that came up for the set up of these houses and office, and we are feeling the squeeze.   If you would consider helping out with giving this month it would be a big relief, it would really be nice to focus our energy on getting the work done instead of looking at the finances wondering if we are going to run out of money.    I know that God will provide, and I would like to say that we never worry, but this faith thing is an ongoing learning process, it is not easy to get something like this open, the faith-stretching is beyond what we ever have learned before.  We are trying to remember to look backwards at the needs he has provided for already when we need some encouragement instead of forwards to the ones that we do not have money in the bank to cover.

I could go on and on about faith, and how we are learning-failing-learning-failing in this area.  Maybe one day I will write a post about it.


In the mean time let me just say thank you for everything!  We are so blessed to be here doing this work, and have you along with us praying and doing your part to make this happen!

We love you!