As I walked through the Nashville Airport recently after traveling for 39 hours I looked up to see my wife and 5 of my children waiting for me. My heart beat a little faster and my pace quickened to exit the secure area to be greeted with hugs and kisses. After a meal and a one hour drive  we were home together. Home is a wonderful place. Home is not just a physical place, it’s wherever your family is. Home is safe. Home is love. Home is belonging.

I was reminded that the children who are part of Bring Love In have a Home. Children who were once orphans in a government run orphanage who now have a Forever Family. Keep One Home children who are still with their family have a place to call home. In a culture where relationships are a measure of wealth knowing you have a family and place to come home to create identity and confidence.

Orphans have no place to return to. They have no parents to meet their future spouse. They have no family and home to return to for the holidays. Once they age out of the orphanage system they simply wander through life with no where called home to return to.

I recently spent a week in many of the homes of Forever Families and Keep One Home families. Homes where children are loved and provided for. Homes where kids have a chance to get an education to equip them to overcome poverty. To have access to basic healthcare and grow to be healthy adults and overcome HIV and other chronic illnesses. To know the self-confidence that comes from being part of a family and being loved. For our girls to have a future that doesn’t include prostitution. For our boys to finish school and not become laborers or street boys at 10 years old. Most importantly our kids are exposed to the love of Jesus.

I want to thank you for being a part of the Bring Love In family. Your support and prayers are the reason the moms and children reached by Bring Love In have a place to call Home.