Hey there, it’s Levi and Jessie writing from Bring Love In.

We know that you are like the rest of us and get way more emails than you can actually read. I promise to get right to the point here.

Bring Love In is still chugging along like a train that always arrives on time; the kids are beautiful as ever and the staff and our house moms are the most wonderfully amazing people we have ever had a chance to work with.  They get up and love on the kids in ways that we can’t begin to put into words.

We thank God for each of them every day.

I know, I promised to be short and here I am gushing…  I’m telling you though, these worlds we get to bridge, they tug on your heart in one very certain direction; towards the kids, towards the place where hope is being born and made new.

Here is why we are writing today though.

This ministry, the one that runs like a train, always the same each day, always on time day in and day out.   It is also tough to raise money for, we aren’t creating a new and shiny object, or telling a fascinating new story each day about another daring rescue.  Our story is a lot like yours if you are a mother or father, we get up each day;

We change diapers…
we fill school bags…
we hold our kids tight while they cry out their tears about the friend who does not like them anymore…
we plan (and then fight boredom) with kids during the long hot summer,

What we are destined to always struggle with though…  money.  How do you keep 57 kids fed, a roof over their head, school fees paid when you don’t always have a new fancy story to tell?


Nothing but faith all hours of every day.

So here we are again, running with bank balances low, on our knees asking God to give us direction, to tell us who to call and hope that they aren’t angry with us for coming back to them again with the same need that we called them about before, and will likely call them about again.

It’s us, 57 kids, 9 amazing mothers, and a whole bunch of incredible admin staff, all with hearts full of hope and faith in God for a future that he promises.

Are you with us?  Will you step out and help us with finances this month?  I know that summers are a hard time to give, we see this low point in our giving come around each year, July’s are always tough.

We are praying for 50 new monthly donors to step up big time and commit to give $100 a month.  This would mean we have all of our monthly costs covered by monthly donations. Right now, we are short that much and rely on one time donations in bigger months to carry us through the low times.

Thanks for standing with us!

Levi & Jessie