I hate to talk about this topic, especially in light of how generous you have all always been with the work that is happening at Bring Love In.  Every time a need arises you all rally around and make good things happen, and we are blessed to be able to represent you over here, and see these widow’s and children’s lives change so dramatically as they become families.

Today I need to put a need out there and as that you all give if you feel God is calling you to. In the last two months our donations have been coming in slowly, and after sending out the wire for the project expenses to the Ethiopian side, our account is getting dangerously low.  I am not going to belabor this, only to put this out there and ask if you could pray about helping us out some with finances this month so that we can keep moving forward.

Of you want to help you can click here to give either a one time gift or a monthly commitment to help with the ongoing costs.

One of these days we are praying we can start putting together a long term savings account, but so far that has not been possible.  All in His timing, and we are ok with that. He is always good!

Thank you, and bless you for all that you have all done to help, we could never be here watching all of these amazing things happen if it were not for you.