In June of 2012 Bring Love In was just getting started, we had poured our hearts, our sweat and more tears than we care to remember into creating what we felt was the perfect representation of God’s love for orphans in Ethiopia.  We saw a massive problem before us, children who were being forced to live our their days in orphanages that offered them nothing even close to what a family could give, and we knew deep in our hearts that we had to do whatever it took to give every child who we could a family.  We believed that to preach the gospel is our first prioirity as Christians, and for our family the best way to do that is to create a program where we give Christian families to as many orphans as we can. Around the middle of June we got a call from the head social worker at the government telling us that they were ready to start placing children with us, and we all went to meet a precious liittle girl named Setota which in Amharic literally means “Gift”. A fitting start for the ministry we now see before us with 54 kids in 9 widow led households.  

Today we want to share with you some pictures of Setota the first day that she came to live with her new mother Beletu, and some more that we took recently of Beletu and Setota.  This brings me to tears to see the transformation that this precious gift has gone through.   When she was found she was almost dead from starvation and malnutrition, yet today she has a bright future ahead of her with 6 siblings and a wonderful mother who loves her, but most of all she will know Jesus and what he did for her.