I have something very special for you today!    You know how we have been talking about coffee here lately, and how Ethiopian coffee is the best coffee there is on the planet (I’m not joking)? well our friends over at Worlds Greatest Beans have offered to run a special for everyone over here at Bring Love In (including you). Remember though, we are not just excited about Worlds Greatest Beans because the coffee is so good, but part of the proceeds from every bean that they sell goes to support the work that Bring Love In is doing, so when I get kinda giddy about this, you will understand here…   Good coffee is one thing, but a new way to bring in sustainable support for widows and orphans in Ethiopia, for that my heart won’t stop leaping out of my chest!

Here is the special offer that they told me about, from now until the end of the month everyone who clicks here on this button and signs up for the Worlds Greatest Beans coffee club (the one where you get a yummy bag of coffee in the mail once a month) will not only be ensuring a donation goes to Bring Love In every month when your coffee comes, but they are giving out two free bags of coffee as well.

Hang on there though, I want to take their offer and ask you to double the anti (is that the right way to spell the poker term?  I have never had to write about a poker game before… oh well, you know what I mean.), when you get that box of good smelling coffee in the mail, I want you to open it up and grab the first of those bags there and walk right out your front door and over to your favorite neighbor and bang real hard on their door, then when they answer I want you to tell them this;

“You need to grind these beans up and make the best cup of coffee you have ever had, and then call me for the info on how you too can help support widows and orphans by drinking more of that amazing stuff”

And then you and us, together we are going to be doing some real stinking good every morning when we brew our coffee.

Are you in?

Ok, here is that link, the one that will only do its magic as long as your calendar is still flipped to the July page, after that it’s not gonna work any more…  got it?