He is going to be so mad at me for posting this, but this guy is such an incredible person that I am going to have to say it and take what I have coming for my actions…

For those of you who have met him you will be able to attest, Thomas is a man after God’s heart, he is the one who is awake late nights working on paperwork, he is the one who worries about the kids and spends countless hours working through problems when they arrise, he is the one who waits in line for hours on end at government offices, only to be told that the person he is waiting for has now left for the day. Let me just put it this way, Thomas is the guy who you want on your side when you want to help provide families to orphans.  He is our local manager for Bring Love In, and really he is the one who runs the show.

I think this photo says it best. On our special day a few weeks ago at the amusement park, Jon Morton snapped this picture of Thomas talking with a few of our older girls, when I asked later about what they were discussing, he told me.  “They are getting older now, and so I was telling them about how special and valuable they are to God and that they need to protect themselves from boys who are going to try and steal that from them”.


I just about cried.  He is pouring his life into these kids, and their mothers, working from the background and ensuring that they are building not only a physical home, but also an emotional foundation for the future.  Praise God for Thomas!