A while back I wrote about Mulu and her struggle to support her family.  She is a single mother who lives here in Addis Ababa with her two children.  She has been able to hold onto a modest job for the past year, one that pays enough for her to barely scrape by and feed her family.

We recently learned that after finding out that the job she has is likely going to end, she finally reached the last straw and made the decision to leave her children with a relative and move to South Africa where she would be hopefully able to earn more money, and send back enough for her kids to live a better life.

Although we have not heard much about the work conditions in the particular program she has applied to work for, we have heard many stories about the programs that take women thousands of women each year to the Middle East, and the terrible treatment they receive once they arrive.

A few weeks ago we offered Mulu a job as a house mother in one of the first homes that we are opening here in Addis Ababa.  With this offer, she would be given both a place to live, food, schooling for her kids and a decent salary, but most importantly she would be able to keep her two children in the home with her.

After much deliberation Mulu finally met with us to explain that she wanted to accept our proposal, but she also told us that there are a few remaining issues with the organization she had signed up with.  She was not entirely open with what those issues are, but we suspect that she was far enough along the process that they are not wanting her to back out.   Today we want to ask that you pray for Mulu, pray that she is able to get things resolved and move on with her life. From the sound of it she will be able to get this figured out.  But more importantly her story reminds us to pray for the hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian women who willingly sign up each year to work at near slave labor conditions in other countries.  Places where they do not speak the language and thus are vulnerable to all sorts of terrible things.

This is just another reason why I am screaming mad at poverty and the situations it creates where people go into something knowing that it is going to hurt, putting themselves in harms way because they are so sick and tired of struggling through life.

Each life is more valuable than this!