Today we have a very special family that we want to introduce to you.  1

This is Abebech’s family.  And although we teach our kids to look forward and not backwards in their lives, I can’t help but mention to you that these kids have all seen pretty rough stuff in their short lifetime, and yet when you see them here, a few years after they became a family, you can see the happiness in their eyes.  God is doing something here.   And we are darn proud to be a part of it.

The reason why we are writing about Abebech and her family is that they are in need your support today.   The reality of ministry is that sponsors come and go as their financial situation changes, and right now that means we are looking for sponsors to take care of this precious family.  Want to help out?   Great!  We try our best to make it easy!

Here is how Forever Family Sponsorships work at Bring Love In;  It costs us $1250 per month to take care of a family (you can choose what portion of that you want to help out with), that includes everything from food and rent, to a small spending money stipend for the mom and aunt and school fees for the kids to attend private school.   As we have said many times before our aim is to raise up future leaders for Ethiopia, and so while on the one hand we are fierce about keeping costs low, we feel that a good education is a must for every child that we care for.   We think you will agree.     Sponsors are connected with a family and will receive updates from their family over here with photos, drawings or sometimes stories from the kids, we want you to become a part of their family, for good.

So, here we are, doing this thing that is always so uncomfortable, but also completely central to the ministry, we are asking for your support.  While this may feel uncomfortable it is also an honor of ours, an honor for us to be able to bring to you an honest need by an honest family who is moving forward on their lives from a place that was once broken and downright painful, it is an honor because God calls all of us to Give, and we feel that helping widows and orphans is just about one of the most pure ways that you can use the resources of yours to help do some good for someone else.

What do you think?  Can you fit it in your budget to help Abebech and her family of former orphans?   We would be honored to have you along on this journey with us.

Click HERE to sign up for a monthly tax-deductible donation.  Be sure to select “Forever Family Sponsorship” As your designation and mention Abebech’s family in the notes on your gift.

If you would rather give towards general costs, we could use some help there as well, use the same link for that and select “General Donation” on your gift.


Thank you!  We could not do all of this without you.


Levi and Jessie Benkert