With Orphan Sunday just a few weeks around the corner we have been talking about ways to spread the word in churches about Bring Love In. We realized today that although we are going to be back in Ethiopia then, many of you are going to be in America…

Have you been thinking about ways to advocate for orphans, but are not sure how to do it?  I think we have a great option for you today.  We are looking for people who will stand up for a few minutes and share at their churches about Bring Love In.

I know, getting up and talking in front of a bunch of people isn’t always the funnest thing in the world. (I haven been struggling with that nearly every day for the past 3 months) but what I have learned is that you just have to think about the kids that are being helped.  And it is all worth it.

If you want to talk for a bit about Bring Love In at your church this Orphan Sunday (November 4th) we would love to send you a kit that you can use to spread the word.

All you have to do is send Emma (our super awesome intern) a message with your address and she will get a kit in the mail for you.    (kalaniemma@gmail.com)

Pretty neat huh?  Now you have everything you need to spread the word, and advocate for orphans!