The kids and I went out exploring a bit in our neighborhood today, we brought along a soccer ball in hopes that we might strike up a game with some of the local boys. It only took a few minutes for a group to gather who were eager to play.  We got a good game going but after about 45 minutes we were all exhausted and it was clear that there was no way we were going to win. These Ethiopian boys are good!  We wanted to avoid total humiliation so we headed back to the house to get some water and rest up for another game later.  On the way home one little boy named Gatga who looked like he might be about nine years old walked with us. He spoke amazingly clear English, and said he was from Sudan.  We invited him over to play legos on the porch with us.

“So Gatga, how long have you lived in Ethiopia?”

“For five years”

“Do you like it here?”

“A little, but our house in Sudan was much bigger and we had lots of cows.  My father still lives there”

“Are you here with your mother”

“Yes, and my brothers and sisters too”

“Is your father coming to live her as well?”

“No, he wants to but there are problems in our town in Sudan”


“He said we all had to leave because of the war and that we could not come back, but he needs to stay to keep our house and cows safe.”

“Do you miss him”


“Do you ever get to see him”

“Not for five years”

Today was sort of a hard day, things are still crawling along with the project approval and the kids are still adjusting to the new house, we still can to find anything… I sorta woke up in a bad mood and have been kinda grumpy…  Then I talked to Gatga and got a little perspective on life from him.

Sometimes I wonder how I could ever think my life was hard when there are so many out there who struggle with things I could never imagine. Yet, it is so easy to look inward and complain. Instead though, I am now praying for Gatga and his family, and his father back in Sudan.