I realized today that I have not posted much on here in the way of updates on the project.  Nearly every day we speak with Thomas on the phone about things over in Ethiopia and just this morning the conversation was a really good one!  With the fiscal year and school years both ended earlier this week he went into the government office and asked that they finally make good on the promise to move kids into our waiting forever families.  He said that part of him was nervous to even go in and ask, we have seen so many complications, frustrations, and delays that he felt like it was more than he could handle if once again there turned out to be another unexpected step.  Thankfully that was not the case!  He said that he walked right in, sat down at the desk and started in on a big speech that he had rehearsed in his head.

“We are ready! And it is ti….”  He was cut off before he could even get out the first sentence.

“I know you are ready!”   She said, with a big smile on her face.

“And so are we!”

Within a few moments she had placed the appropriate phone calls and put into motion the transfers of our first big group of orphans who will be placed in our families!

She cautioned that it will likely not happen until Monday because of the weekend…  But that it would happen for sure now!

All I can say is PRAISE GOD!  What a blessing this will be!

Thomas promised pictures and you can be sure I will be posting them here as soon as they arrive.

Thanks for all your prayers, this is a big one!