UPDATE: As of Thursday Nov 14th, the total families sponsored has risen to 76!!

Ok, so this is really neat.   You know how a little over 3 weeks ago we launched the push to sponsor 100 new families? Well today we have 67 of those sponsorship slots already filled!  Praise God!  Who would have ever guessed it would go this quickly!?!

Our goal in this work is to provide the resources to keep families together who would otherwise likely end up giving their children up to an orphanage.  After living in Ethiopia for the past four and a half years we have gotten to the place where we are fed up with the number of families we have seen torn apart because of a simple lack of money.  Mothers and Fathers are being forced to give up children who they love dearly, because they do not have enough food in the house or money to buy more, they often are left with the difficult reality that the most loving thing they could do for their child was to give them to the orphanages.


The Keep One Home program aims to step in to help give the basic resources a family needs so that they can mover forward in their lives, by providing medical care, counseling, job training and financial support we found that for a very small amount of money ($39 per month) we are able to ensure that a family who wants to stay together is able to stay together.


What is surprising is how many orphaned children were made orphans because of something as simple as a bad year of crops, or a loss of a job, or a rainy season where the parents got sick and could not afford medical care.


67 families is amazing, especially considering that we already support another 50 families in this program, but we don’t want to stop here, we feel God has called us to step up and show love to as many people as we possibly can, yes that means that we are always running the ministry on the bleeding edge of need, using all of the resources that are given to us in order to give to more families, but we don’t need to get far in our Bibles to be assured that this is the kind of life that God has called us to.


Will you step out in faith with us?  Will you give until it hurts with us?   Click here to sign up. 


The more funds that come in the door to Bring Love In, the more families we are able to help stay together.


For those who have signed up we wanted to take this chance to say thank you!  We feel blessed to be partnering with you. There are still a few more steps to go on this end, hiring the new staff, training, expanding our capacity in the center and the like), we hope to have all this done in December and to be ready to start helping these new families.  Be sure to stay tuned!  We will be talking more about progress on here.