The. Wait. Is. Over!

After 10 years of creating new families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia…

We are launching a way for you to sponsor an individual child in one of our Forever Families!

You might not know this but…

Jessie and I co-founded another orphan care ministry in Ethiopia…

It was actually the reason we moved there way back in 2009. We had heard of a tribe in the South who were killing some of their children because of superstitious beliefs. We wanted to do something, so we moved to a little town called Jinka and partnered with a local couple Lale and Gido, and together we built Drawn From Water, an orphan care center to care for those kids.
I dug into our old photos and found this gem from our time living in Jinka. It’s crazy how fast kids grow up! But that is a story for another time.

Fast forward 10 years and the organization is now called Omo Hope, and we care for more than 50 children who were formerly labeled “Mingi” or cursed by their tribe. To us, these children are an incredible blessing! These children range in age from 4-16 and are the most wonderful, loving kids you will ever meet.

Neat right?! We love the work that we get to do!

But, wait there is more!

Today Omo Hope and Bring Love In are joining forces to create a new child sponsorship platform called: Elevate Orphan.

Literally the number one question we get asked is “Can I sponsor one of these kids?” and until now our answer at both Bring Love In and Omo Hope was that you could support the organization, or a family, but not an individual child. Today all of that changes.

You can now sponsor an individual child!

Meet: Elevate / Orphan

A child sponsorship platform, where you can:

Choose a child. Change a life. Build a leader.

Are you ready to make a lasting difference in the life of a child?

Check out this video above to learn more about Elevate Orphan!
Click here to visit Elevate Orphan and choose a child to sponsor
What does this change mean if I already am giving to Bring Love In?

That’s great! Nothing has changed and the ongoing organizations baseline needs are still there. We hope you will continue to give as you always have, and that our sponsorships will allow us to grow to help even more children.