Jessie and I have spent the past few days meeting with different folks around Texas and talking with them about Bring Love In and the orphan care project that we will be starting up when we land back in Ethiopia on the 15th of this month.

Besides the fact that we have both officially taken to saying the word “Y’all” in every other sentence, it has been without a doubt a wonderful time, but one thing has stood out to us.  Something that we keep coming back to when we get back in the car and drive off for the next home that we will be visiting on our trip is the fact that over and over again we have been meeting the most wonderful people who are stepping up and doing more in their lives, they are living examples of what we have been talking about on here when we say made for more. When we talk about the fact that God planned for all this, and he meant for each and every one of us to do great things. We have found some wonderful people who are stepping up and accepting the call on their lives and dying to themselves, taking the narrow road.

What we find inspiring is that instead of these people suffering, they are living life to its fullest!  I can hardly explain the contagious joy we feel from being with these people, the creativity, the passion, the life as worship that emanates through them, its pure joy!

I want to share with you a picture that one of those people who we met posted on Facebook, after we met and heard her share about her families passion for God and orphans.    We mentioned to her that we are going to be starting a store here on the Bring Love In site where we will sell art, t-shirts and jewelry to help raise money for the project.   After we talked, she went home made these.   Tell me this does not inspire you to get up and dance!?!

Truly, this is someone who was made for more, and is stepping in to take what God has for her life. If you could have sat with us at that table, and listened to her journey, the deep struggles and victories she has overcome, and hear the joy in her heart when she talked about the love of God and how she could do nothing but stand and show it to others through her life.   This art is only a small example of that creativity that God gives flowing out into life.

Good stuff!

Then we have stayed in the houses of people who are literally giving their all to help orphans, messing up all the plans they once had, and living totally sold out for God’s call on their lives.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful families who have taken the time to hear our story these past few days, you are the true heroes!   We have learned so much from all of you and are thankful for you.