I cannot even begin to tell you how excited Jessie, I and all the staff in Ethiopia are about this wonderful news that we have to share with you today.  I know many of you have been praying for this for the past weeks, and so it is with great joy that I come to share this latest report with you today.

We just today finalized the paperwork for 8 new children to come into our families! All of them are siblings of children that we already have with us, and we could not be more excited! These kids who were split from their brothers and sisters are now going to be together again.

This means we will now have 32 children in our new forever families.  How wonderful is that!

Thomas promises to send lots and lots of pictures to share with you soon, (and you can be sure I will put them on here as soon as I get them).

Thank you so much for everyone who has prayed with us for these kids, God is clearly moving.  And the best part is that things are just getting started!

We are doing the happy dance over here today, and want to invite you to join us as we dance around looking like fools, praising God for all that He is doing for these widows and orphans in Ethiopia right now.